How to Track Your Personal Growth | Brian Tracy

How to Track Your Personal Growth | Brian Tracy

Give Yourself A Gift

Who among us has not welled up while watching the weight loss sheroes and heroes tell their stories on Oprah or the Biggest Loser? Okay, you in the back row there with the “Oh please” smirk on your face, go out and have a cigarette. Good news, you are those courageous people. We all have untapped power and skills to break through our stuck places. Give yourself a gift and find out how.

Who’s Writing Your Life Script?

You’re the star, the director, producer and script writer of the play called “Your Life”. It’s opening night and it’s also closing night and there’s no dress rehearsal. How’s it going so far? What script are you going to write for the rest of the show? Don’t let others write your script any more. Get back to discovering, exploring and enjoying the real you, following your passions, talents and abilities that have been lying dormant or under-developed for far too long.

Do You Feel Capable or Incapable – A Powerful Technique For Helping You Redefine Your Abilities

How do you define yourself? Do you define yourself as incapable? Do you spend all of your time arguing for your limitations? Do you find yourself explaining all the reasons why you will never make more money, never find a mate, never make a difference, never convince your boss, never be healthy, never be smart, never be happy, never get your dream, never learn a skill, never be understood and never have time? Or do you define yourself as capable? Do you believe that you have what it takes to make more money, have wonderful relationships, learn to persuade, take care of yourself, understand the river, develop new choices, design a worthwhile life and reach your goals?

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Our Own Worst Enemy – The Negative Thought Patterns In Our Minds

I received a “desperate” phone call this week from a client who needed to vent about his Mom. He called to tell about the outrageous behavior of his mother and to essentially ask me for permission to be mad at her. He wanted to tell me about how she had embarrassed him in front of his girlfriend, how she only cared about money, and how she was not the mother she ought to be. I let him vent for a while and then I asked him, “What have I already told you about the situation with your Mom?”…

Develop Self-Esteem – Use Self-Improvement Skills to Develop Self-Esteem, Be a Hit

Self-improvement skills can build self-confidence and help you find success. This article has tips to help you become a hit in your life.

Symptoms of Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem is the cage where you incarcerate yourself when you do not believe that you are good enough. You must release these negative emotions and thoughts so that you can gain better control over your life. However, first, you must recognise that you have a low sense of self worth to begin with, in order for healing to begin with. Find out what the symptoms of low self esteem are, so that you can take immediate action!

Help – I’m 35 But I Sound Like A 12-Year-Old!

Have you ever considered the sound of your speaking voice and what it says about you? Have you given any thought to the fact that your speaking voice could be holding you back from landing a particular job or getting that promotion?

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Everybody Needs Confidence

Confidence is the most important factor in a successful persons life, a person that has confidence has the power of getting any thing that he/she wishes to have in his/her life. Having self-confidence shows a persons way of approaching his/her goals more easily. Confidence is something that is required by everyone no matter what his/her cast race or profession be. The most important step to success arguably. A person that is self-confident has belief in him/her. No dream looks too big for a person that is full of self-confidence. However there are many people who are unable to achieve their goals just because they lack the all important aspect self-confidence.

Blushing Can Reduce Your Self Confidence

Many of us come across many embarrassing moments in our life. In this situation a person is bound to feel uncomfortable, but many of us can hide this feeling, but there are some people for whom keeping this feeling within is very difficult. The sign that you will see is a red faced person, however this cannot be recognized if you happen to be from the dark race. Blushing refers to both embarrassment and extra cautiousness. Many people are there who blush more than others do. They require overcoming it to lead a normal worry free life. Blushing can reduce your self-confidence. So blushing can be seen as nothing more than the positive aspect of your life.

How To Feel Good Enough About Myself – A Way To Discover Your True Self

Discovering for yourself How Good Enough you are for you is crucial for your development Especially if you grew up like me feeling not good enough. What are some of the thoughts and feelings come up for you when you hear this phrase? Emotion provoking questions are very useful and will help you discover the real you.

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5 Ways to Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Do you find yourself doubting your decisions? Do you talk yourself round in circles? Do you second guess what you’re thinking and find it hard to make those tricky choices? Learn 5 simple and proven ways to stop second guessing yourself, and make confident decisions from now on.

Your Self Image is the Key To Your Future Happiness

Self-image is how we see ourselves, and how we think others see us. It is the mental picture we have of ourselves and includes questions like: Am I fat, skinny, ugly, stupid, smart, lovable, attractive, and all the other millions of questions we ask ourselves every day. Another factor is how we interact with others. The type of relationships we have with others can reinforce what we feel and think about our self.

Exploring Where Your Beliefs Come From

Want to experience self-improvement? Learn how your beliefs have shaped who you are and how you can mould your own future.

Improve Your Personal Life

Do you feel that your personal life is full of turmoil, how is your self esteem? Everyone has the ability to improve themselves; however, some of us need a little more help than others. We can all find ways to improve ourselves, just ask yourself the question “what do I need to do to improve.” Perhaps if you sat down and wrote a list of things which you do not like about yourself could help. Ensure that you prioritize your list putting the most important one’s to the top and the less important on the bottom.

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