How To Trick Yourself Into Doing Anything

How To Trick Yourself Into Doing Anything

Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, the Weather and Your Life

In general humans are creatures of habit. We settle into ways of doing things. We like predictability about the clothes we wear, the type of people we like to mix with and we certainly have fixed ideas about the type of people we don’t want to mix with.

Poor Self-Esteem? Try Faking It

The positive regard of others is a primary source of self-esteem. People see you the way you present yourself. If you act as though you have good self-esteem, others will start to see you that way too. And they will like you more and find you more interesting.

Codependency Born Or Bred?

Do we live in a World that has to define everything, put everything we do and say neatly in a box? What I mean are certain qualities in a person considered bad? And if so who is deciding?

Building Self Confidence – Ways to Boost Self Esteem

Have you noticed how confident individual carry themselves especially in public? Yes, they held their heads up high, carry themselves properly, and they ooze with confidence.

Can I Overcome My Feelings of Being Beaten in Life?

You certainly can overcome anything you want to in life, but the point here is that you really have to want to overcome your issues, or obstacles. It is not just about a weak desire, but rather, a determined fire in your belly to move you forward.

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Self Confidence – 3 Ways to Resist the Urge to Compare

Comparison is a bad habit that often stops many people dead in their tracks from attempting to reach their goals and dreams. Don’t allow yourself to get caught in this rut and start the process of building your self confidence right now.

How to Overcome Jealousy

Overcoming jealousy for a healthy relationship. Communicate effectively. Build your self-esteem and self confidence. Positive reinforcement.

Stop Being Shy – Quick and Easy Tips

In the current atmosphere around us, most of the people have very healthy amounts of boldness and any person, who is even the least bit shy, loses on many things in life. If you too wish to stop being shy and be able to live the life the way it is meant to be, some conscious effort is required on your behalf.

Living My Authentic Life Through the Mind Resonance Process

Living an authentic life starts with heart centered consciousness. Heart Centered Consciousness is the door that leads to the Divine Holographic Energy Field. Without Heart Centered Consciousness one cannot access the portal to the vital energy needed for survival, peace and happiness. Complete awareness of the heart is the first step to embracing one’s authentic self. A monumental shift occurred in my life when I embraced my authentic self while applying a personal development tool known as the Mind Resonance Process.

Build Strong Self Esteem – Part 2

Firmness is a component that must never be taken out of the equation in building self-esteem. While positives are the fuel of self esteem. Firmness builds the muscle and strength of self esteem. Sometimes life gives opportunities for self esteem to be built in very extreme events.

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Build Strong Self-Esteem – Part 1

One of the truest signs of a good self-esteem is transparency. This means what people see in you is truly who you are. You are being the best you can. Isn’t it funny that we can say words that are opposite to describe the “attitude” of someone, yet in terms of the self-esteem we say “low” but not “high”?

Are You Ready For Permanent Confidence?

As we stated in a previous article, you carry your energy like a radio broadcasting station. Other people read your WAID (what am I doing?) station loud and clear. We can help you change that energy.

Cause of Violence, Anger and Low Self Esteem

There is no character trait or condition that affects one human that does not affect every human. It is just a matter of degree. The preceding statement must be part of every sincere persons wish to improve oneself. One of the greatest confusions about humans is their love for pain. Either self inflicted or inflicted upon others. Even if you may consider this statement completely foreign to your character, have you ever laughed or enjoyed a movie in which people are getting killed or hurt? Perhaps sports in which there is some form of violence or aggressive component?

4 Self Esteem Tips to Improve Your Self Confidence

These 4 self esteem tips are easy to follow and apply in your everyday life. If you apply them every day you will be amazed at the quick results you will see in improved happiness and success.

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