How to Win Friends and Inspire People

How to Win Friends and Inspire People

I Will Not “Should” on Myself Today

How ready and able we are to beat up on ourselves! “I will not should on myself today” would benefit many as a new mantra.

How To Get Over Shyness

No matter how much of an extrovert or introvert you are, everyone goes through some feeling of shyness in some point of their lives. People are of the notion that only introverts feel shy, however on the contrary, this is not true. A person usually feels shy because they are uncomfortable about themselves, especially when around other people.

The 50 Point Plan to Be Confident and Beat Anxiety

Confidence is something that is physical, mental and emotional; it is the way we think, feel and act which portrays the trust we have in our own abilities and power. Today we have so much pressure put upon us that we can lose sight of what it is we have to do and this can knock our confidence so much that we lose control over our lives and what we really want. This can cause reactions in our body that cause such conditions as anxiety.

Looking For Love (in All the Wrong Places)

Every teenager dreams of falling in love and getting married. It is a given we seek love and intimacy throughout our lives, and yet finding it is not necessarily a sure thing. There are those of us who seek comfort and stability; others, like myself, delight in excitement and experimentation. We may get to know ourselves, even begin to like ourselves, yet generally speaking, how often do we acquiesce to a partner, put ourselves last, ensure everyone else’s happiness and needs are met before our own? This is how we can, and often do, lose sight of ourselves and who we are in our own right.

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Your Primary Spiritual Relationship – Love for Yourself

Popular culture is focused on attracting love, yet you’ll only be able to receive as much love as you give to yourself. You’ll deflect or guard love that doesn’t resonate with you – like a compliment you don’t believe – you’ll allow others to abuse you a bit less than you abuse yourself. So if you desire lasting love, learn to love yourself, because your relationships will parallel your relationship with yourself.

Hear Me Roar!

I learned something when I babysat my two granddaughters the other day. They didn’t sit me down and offer a lecture. It was an observation I made when I played with them.

Self Esteem Boosting Activities For Children

There are other ways to build up self esteem without seeming like you are reading out of a text book. Here are some great ideas.

5 Tips to Speak With Confidence With No Anxiety

Speaking in public can be daunting and cause high levels of anxiety for many of us. Whether it is holding a meeting at work, conducting a presentation, speaking amongst a group or even speaking to friends we can suffer from anxiety worrying about what others will think of us, forgetting what we will say next, getting laughed at, being scared of not being able to answer questions, being wary of freezing in public and being laughed at by your peer group or colleagues because you have made a mistake. This is such a common occurrence but it is something…

Undetected Bullying in School or Workplace and How to Protect Yourself
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In this modern day there are still those that choose to bully others, rather it be at work, school or other place. Not allowing this to continue and do something about it will decrease this incident. Bullying can occur in one or some of the following ways: harassment, discrimination, stalking, bothersome, disturbance, pestering, singling out someone or hounding a person, “picking at person”, mentally, physically or emotionally.

10 Simple Steps To Enhance Your Self-Love Using Self-Hypnosis

For many, a lack of self-love has left a hole inside their spirit that no amount of food or designer clothes can ever fill. No matter what you have done in the past, and no matter what condition you are currently in, you can decide to engage in self-loving thoughts and actions. You can place yourself in charge of your own tender, loving care.

3 Ways to Shop With Confidence and Beat Anxiety

Going shopping is an every day experience that should not even be given another thought. However for some it is not easy: Whether it is a fear of crowds, interacting with people, image consciousness or a general sense of worrying about what others think shopping can be an extremely daunting activity. It might be that you experience cold or hot sweats, severe blushing, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, nausea or headaches when out shopping due to the way the whole experience makes you react.

How to Start Confidence-Building

Feeling good about yourself starts with you. You have to learn to love and respect yourself and from there, others will learn to love and respect you as well. Placing value on your worth is very important because this is what self-esteem is all about.

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Building Self Esteem – The Foundation: Strengths and Values

If you believe in your worth, you’ll feel great. If you base your worth on what others think, you’ll only feel the way others allow you to feel.

Boosting Self Confidence With Life Coaching

Life coaching is made for several different reasons. And one benefit of this line of work is to be able to help people develop more confidence in themselves.

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