How Uncertainty Is The Foundation For Inspired Living

How Uncertainty Is The Foundation For Inspired Living

How Do You Stop Being Shy? Self Confidence Over Shyness

How do you stop being shy and live with self confidence instead of shyness? This is a crucial question because confidence enhances performance in every aspect of life. Whether we are trying to prevail in an athletic competition, make a good impression on a job interview, close a business deal, or approach that special someone from across a crowded room, the outcome of every endeavor in life is greatly influenced by the level of confidence we bring to the effort.

Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts and Boost Your Confidence With Binaural Beats MP3

Ever heard about binaural beats MP3? If you’re an internet freak, you are probably familiar with this technology. By definition, binaural beat is a series of tones created to entertain the brain. Binaural beats are perfect for folks who are losing confidence in everyday living. The process is actually simple. All you have to do is to listen to the prefer sounds and get relaxed while doing so.

Overcome Blushing

Is blushing affecting your life? Do you want to overcome blushing? Below are my top tips to help you do just that.

14 Ways to Improve Your Body Image

I have coached hundreds of women over the years who have or are currently struggling with body image issues. When they speak about it, I completely feel their pain. I really understand it as I hid for many years behind my body image issues.

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Five Golden Rules Of Self Confidence

Self confidence is all about trusting yourself. It is not what you are, but what you think you are. Having confidence in yourself will make you more successful in life. To achieve this great inner power, you must follow some simple rules.

Traits Of Self Confident People

Confidence is not something you either have or lack. Even for the most self-assured people it comes and goes with successes and failures. Sometimes self confidence can make you feel ten feet tall, and at other times you can be painfully aware of your shortcomings.

How To Overcome Low Self Esteem By Using Self Esteem Exercises

Defeating low self esteem is not difficult, but it’s also not the easiest thing to do. Overcoming your low self esteem isn’t a stroll in the park; and it’s neither a dogfight. It could be defeated by self esteem exercises.

The Power of Real Confidence: A True Story

It is often said that self confidence is worth more than money in the bank. That is even more true for the self-employed. This article shares a real life experience to show you the power of choosing to be confident.

Having Pleasure Without Guilt

These three behaviour traits can be overcome by speaking well of yourself as well as treating your body well. Everything we do affects everything else and besides it is the only one body you have got, so give it some nourishment and exercise it well.

Banish Self-Doubt

Why do so many people doubt their own ability to be successful? 5 ways that you can use to banish self-doubt.

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Self-Acceptance as a Stepping Stone to Building Your Self-Confidence

The majority of my clients who struggle with self-confidence have difficulties with their self-acceptance too. It is the nature of we human beings to look at ourselves with depreciating eyes, rather than appreciate ourselves. And yet, none of us is superior or inferior to other people; all we need to do is understand the importance of self-acceptance and more importantly, to learn how to implement it in our lives.

The Magic Of Believing In Yourself

The life you are now living is a direct reflection of how much you do or don’t believe in yourself. If you want to influence and impact others, they have to have to respect and admire you. Do you respect, admire and believe in yourself? That’s when the magic happens.

How To Boost Your Self Confidence

I have been asked by many people how they could boost their self confidence. Being sometimes a difficult venture, self confidence building does not have to be a pain. Bear in mind that this is not something you are born with. Believe it or not. Self confident people learned how to be confident in themselves. I am now way more confident than I used to be, so I came up with my best three pieces of advice plus a bonus advice you may be interested in.

4 Tips to Avoid Overextending Your Teen

We tend to multi-task as a culture. Everything seems to be moving us in the direction of doing more and more and fitting more and more into a day. And our teens are no different. In this article, I offer four tips to ensure that your teen doesn’t overextend herself.

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