How Your Name Might Predict Your Future

How Your Name Might Predict Your Future

Compliment Your Mirror

Did you know that July 3rd is “Compliment your mirror day”? An apparently randomly chosen day but over recent months the number of questions I’ve received about body confidence has increased. The following article invites you to play with the content to increase your body confidence and to compliment your mirror.

How to Overcome Being Shy – Things You Need to Know

There are lots of methods suggested as to how to overcome being shy. It’s far more than simply pulling yourself together. Here are some steps to help.

How to Lift Up Yourself by Lifting Up Others

What is the easiest way to make you feel better about yourself? Take the time and make the effort to lift up another.

Are You Ignoring Your Calling?

How many times have we gone through life disregarding our heart’s desire? I know I have many times. I sometimes catch myself still doing this crazy and self-defeating pattern today.

How to Increase Self Confidence and Achieve Your Goals

Most of us may feel that our lack of self-confidence hinders us from reaching our goals and achieving what we want in our lives. If you want to give yourself that boost of confidence, here are some ways that you can add to your list.

Punching Yourself Until They Give Up

The midlife transition is all about transforming your life from the externally-motivated value system of the adult to the internally- (that means spiritually-) motivated life that characterizes the mature individual. One key factor in this transformation – a factor that is way too often neglected – is doing a moral housecleaning.

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Self Esteem Means Loving Yourself First, Then Others

Having high self esteem does not mean blasting your ego onto everyone you meet. Some people exude self confidence, but they are not jerks about it. Still, others with an abundance of self-confidence try to diminish it, fearful of being labeled an ego-maniac, or stuck up.

Change From Victim to Victor in Life (Part 3) – Dispute the Beliefs That Make You Feel Helpless

You have a choice about what goes on inside your head. You get to choose what you think, what you believe and what you expect to happen. You get to decide if an event or a person has control over your life or if you do. Part 1 in this series of articles gave you the opportunity to identify some of the beliefs and expectations you may have that promote feelings of helplessness.

Reject False Criticism, Consider the Source and Boost Your Self Esteem

Far too many people have such fragile egos that they are completely worried what others think. You should never worry about this too much. Often, folks criticize to propel their own egos, and in reality it is not about you, as much as about their own internal struggles.

Self Esteem and Emotional Freedom – What Does it All Mean

If you are living your life under an emotional set of chains constantly trying to please others who manipulate your feelings, and you allow them to continue to lead you around like this, you only have yourself to blame. It’s amazing how much emotion manipulation of various groups and governments use to lead around those that are in there realm. We have entire religions that have been emotionally trapping their members into giving them money each week, and telling them how to live their lives.

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Replacing Those Childhood Memories to Find Peace For Today

When you consider your childhood, I hope you have already taken advantage of the opportunity you have, to replace many of your childhood memories with the updated version of understanding that anything that took place in your childhood, was seen through the eyes of a child, you! All of us have enough good in our memory banks, in which to focus on, in order for us to move on with our lives and find those things which will produce a joyful, peaceful lifestyle for us.

Self Concept – Your Personal Truth

What concept do you have about yourself? In what ways is your self concept affecting you?

Accepting Appreciation – Just Say Thanks

Accepting appreciation is a way of building relationships and establishing trust. It shows that we know we are worthy of the admiration and respect of others.

How to Gain Self Confidence

Reaching out and getting the things you want is fun, alleviates depression, and is what gives life meaning and purpose. Having a well developed sense of self confidence plays an important role in your ability to get out there and live life to the fullest. With unwavering self confidence you can achieve the things you put your heart into and find true happiness.

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