Improvement Pill’s Daily Routine

Improvement Pill's Daily Routine

Ego is Good – Only Unearned Ego is Bad

It is amazing how many people actually believe that ego is a bad thing. It seems today in our schools, colleges, and universities the teachers and professors are claiming that ego is not a good thing. That is absolutely nonsense, as ego allows someone to stand up against something that which is wrong.

Building Self Confidence in 5 Steps

In order to become successful, you need to have the right attitude and characteristics. It is a big world out there and you must always give your best shot if you want to reach your dreams in life. There are many challenges and problems along the way but you can be able to face them by building your self confidence.

Tackling Low Self-esteem by Developing Self-Acceptance

One problem that many of us experience is that of feeling a low sense of self-esteem. But there are ways to reduce this barrier to the enjoyment of life. A good start would be to boost the estimate you have of yourself and be aware of your capacities for growth. Be aware of your process of untangling yourself from external “ratings” of your value as a person and this is done through unconditional self-acceptance.

Coping With Those Words That Hurt

The issue that humans face is our handling the impact of everyday words on our self-esteem and self-confidence. It is very typical that we react to words as if they were real objects and not just words.

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Change – You Can Handle It! – Part 4

Learn the 1 question you can ask yourself to help you get through the changes and transitions in your life from a place of power. The next time there is a change at work or in your personal life, pay attention to what your first thoughts are; what your first feelings of reaction are.

Therapeutic Time-Travel – Helping Your Younger Self to See Things Differently

You come across a time machine that enables you to go back in time to any period of your life. Not only are you able to do this, but you can also interact with yourself from those periods. What would you do, what would you say to your younger self? Here is a golden opportunity for you to put right the things that have had a “negative”* impact on you in the present.

Techniques to Help You Become More Self Confident

Learn some easy techniques to make you become more self confident. This can have a huge impact upon your life.

How to Conquer Your Low Self Esteem?

If you find that you’re one of those individuals with low self esteem, here’s how you could transform yourself into a person with somewhat high self esteem. Try to improve yourself immediately.

Exercise That Help You to Sharpen Your Self-Image

Most people are surprised when completing this exercise by how much ammunition they possess to sharpen their self-image. If you don’t experience this agreeable discovery, it could be that you are simply net in the mood, or perhaps you are feeling pessimistic. Try this simple exercise to get you back in touch with what you know to be true about yourself. It will help to re-establish your self-image and reassure you that you can win in the love stakes.

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How to Build Greater Improvements in Your Self-Esteem

Many of us could benefit from building greater self-esteem, so let’s take a look at the elements below and see if we can ring some changes. Compliment! The simplest and most effective way to take a compliment is by just saying ‘Thank you’ – it allows yourself to hear and accept praise from other people; it is a healthy, legitimate and usually well-deserved boost to your ego.

How to Banish Low Self Esteem Forever

Would you like help with low self esteem issues? This article gives practical tips to help you out.

50 Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem

I tracked the most popular post on my blog using Google analytics and discovered it was ‘6 Ways To Break Out Of Prison.’ Coincidentally my study in the past few days has been the reports of Branden and Baumeister on self-esteem. I have decided to take a step further by blogging on ’50 Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem.

Needing More Self Confidence

Do you need more self confidence? A look at ways you can help to gain a positive, confident character.

Tips to Help Self Confidence

Have a look at these tips to help your self confidence. See an immediate impact in your self esteem.

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