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In order that we may be self confident we require a positive self-image, which is the mental picture we have of ourselves. It may never be that ‘ideal’ image, but it can be one that we are happy with, especially when we realise the ‘ideal’ was unrealistic or unattainable, and maybe not what we want after all. The good news is that this self-image is not fixed and through different methods of confidence boosting we can change it. There are things that we can do and the 7 aspects of confidence boosting in this report will go some way to doing that.

Self-Esteem – Allowing Yourself to Grow to Your Bigger Self

One aspect of healthy self-esteem is allowing ourselves to expand and grow. It is in fact a very natural tendency. Sometimes, we unconsciously keep ourselves small because we feel some type of loyalty to people we love.

Overcome Low Self-Esteem – What You Should Know!

Low self esteem is a major problem in today’s society. It affects people of all ages. From children to teenagers, adults and senior citizen; For example, do you know that only 56% of girls of 12 years of aged like the way they look. And that 20% of college women in America are bulimic.

Defining Your Purpose – One of the Seven to Unlocking Your Creative Genius Potential

Purpose The fulfillment of purposeful desires leads to snowballing momentum. In order to sustain motivation and allow for momentum to occur, you need a well defined sense of personal meaning in achieving your creative endeavors. This relates to the end result of you project.

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Tips For Regaining Self Confidence

Regaining self confidence after one of life’s set-backs can be a difficult challenge even for the most emotionally resilient and thick-skinned person. It is not always just a case of “taking it on the chin” and bouncing back. From a major life change such as a divorce to a rejection from a job application can cause us to feel like it’s the end of the world. But regaining self confidence is not an impossible task, you just need to see the situation in a different light. Here are some ways to help you achieve this.

Low Self-Confidence Cripples Job Prospects, Warns Businessman

As a senior manager I regularly have the unenviable task of holding interviews. You have to feel for some of the applicants as they are clearly lacking in self-confidence and you kind of feel that if you did offer them the job the shock would be too much for them! They probably don’t even think they could get the job and sadly their thoughts tend to become a self-prophecy.

Low Self Esteem – 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem

Low self esteem is a crippling downward spiral of negative thought patterns. This negative cycle can easily be smashed in as little as thirty days. Using simple, but highly powerful mind techniques that anyone can use, it is possible to build extreme self confidence by developing a positive thought pattern on autopilot.

Self Esteem Activities – 3 Confidence Boosting Activities Anyone Can Do

Engaging in self-esteem activities gives you a sense of self and purpose. By becoming more confident, you are also paving the way for your future. Read this article to discover 3 self-esteem activities you can easily do to boost your confidence.

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Which Words Impact Children’s Self-Esteem?

Words hold power. They have the power to lift up as well as the power to break down others around us. Because of the intrinsic power of what we say, it is important as parents to intentionally and routinely speak positive words to children. Words convey more than the literal meaning – they express the love, care and concern we have for each unique child.

Secrets of Building Self-Confidence

Isn’t it great when things are going our way. Nothing seems to to go wrong. Our confidence couldn’t be higher, we seem to attract and magnetize positive energy and opportunity. The longer these feelings last, the more confident and self-assured we become.

Health and Epigenetics

Low energy is not physical. Have you ever taken a “mental health” day at home and felt much better afterward? This is because you reconnected with your-self! Here is the key. Connection to our true purpose and to our Source will always re-establish our energy and well being.

What Are Your Buttons and Who Knows How to Push Them?

Being objective about ourselves is the basis for good self-esteem. This article provides an insight into how words influence our self-confidence and what we can do about that.

Painful Memories – Un-Repaired Damage in the Foundation of Your Life

When memories of difficult early experiences have been walled off and kept painfully “pristine,” the unconscious feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy that existed “then” remain a constantly undermining undercurrent in the present. Once the memories have been examined they can be reduced to a painless flexible “scar” which remains as a mark that shows that something significant has been lived through.

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Confidence One of the Seven Keys to Unlocking Your Powerful Creative Genius

Self confidence will enable you to truly honor your creativity. The uniqueness that lies within you is a valuable contribution to society as a whole.

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