I’ve Made A HUGE Decision

I've Made A HUGE Decision

Making Lemonade From Obesity

Are you obsessed with your weight, your size or your appearance? Did you ever think that your very obsession might be the catalyst that would lead you to understand your Self and both love and accept your Self? That’s how it worked for me.

You Are Good Enough

Loving yourself can be a big challenge when you have grown up without experiencing a loving relationship. Do you know you are good enough? Your answer may be no, because you still need to learn how to love yourself. To be completely successful you need loving support and loving messages that you can believe and accept.

Building Self-Esteem – A Recipe For Failure

Building self-esteem is an article of faith in secular psychology. There’s only one problem: It doesn’t work!

New Identity For a New School Year – What Every Student Might Want to Know

Why is it important? The way you think of yourself matters, it causes you to attract to you all that comes your way. If there is one or two or dozens of aspects of you that you would like to upgrade, the optimal time to do that is prior to putting yourself in a large group of new people. The way others view you creates a kind of fix on your identity. And before it is crystallized would be a good time to learn how to project your desired presentation.

Self Esteem Part 1 – Types of and Impacts on Self-Esteem
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What is self-esteem? What impacts it? What types, or levels, of self esteem are there? What effect does the level have on the person’s behaviour?

How to Replace Self Sabotage With Self Love

Everyday we are faced with other people’s images of perfection. You have to dress like this, act like that and look like so and so. Nobody who tells you you are fantastic the way you are.

A Powerful Way to Receive Respect

You can usually tell when a person isn’t used to receiving respect. He (we’ll go with the male gender to alleviate confusion) is usually not standing straight, his shoulders aren’t back, he doesn’t look someone in the eye, and sometimes he even mumbles — like he doesn’t really think you’re interested in his response…

Want to Boost Your Confidence? Try a Binaural Beats MP3

Every day it seems that we are confronted with all sorts of adverse and pessimistic issues. It becomes demanding to maintain one’s self-confidence in the face of this onslaught of negativity. Meditation is an excellent way to deal with this assault and using binaural beats mp3 makes it even easier.

Want to Improve Your Confidence? Try a Binaural Beats MP3

Improving your confidence can be difficult in the face of the flood of negativity that surrounds us. However, this can be overcome with meditation and positive changes in the subconscious mind. A binaural beats mp3 makes the meditation techniques more effortless and able to get quicker results.

Self-Esteem – Learning How to Increase it to Get Out of Debt and Be Making Money Quick
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Did you know that your self-esteem and self-worth are directly related to your ability to get out of debt? To further illustrate this point, take a look at the current condition of shopaholics in America. This has come to be a term that America embraces, but what’s really behind this? Basically, this is a type of shopping based on emotion.

10 Great Ways to Build High Self-Confidence

A useful guide to building high self confidence with 10 great ways to build self-confidence that grows and gets even better over time. Practical tips you can use anytime to turn low self confidence into deep self confidence quickly.

Dare to Be Different?

What do you struggle with in life? Conforming to the world and others? Or following your heart and trying to be yourself? Or trying to understand why others are the way they are?

Want a Confidence Booster? Try a Binaural Beats MP3

If you want to boost your confidence, you have to make fundamental changes in your subconscious mind. Negative thoughts have to be removed and replaced with positive affirmations. This can only be done while the brain is in a lower meditative state. Listening to a binaural beats mp3 while meditating makes this process easy and quick to accomplish.

Tips on How to Build Your Self Esteem

If you want to understand how to build self esteem, the first thing you should understand is what that means. Your self-esteem is the beliefs that you have developed about your strengths and weaknesses.

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