Law Of Attraction – Is 90% Correct (IT’S COMMON SENSE!!!)

Law Of Attraction - Is 90% Correct (IT'S COMMON SENSE!!!)

At 17 a Quadriplegic – And Now a World Class Artist!

“When I arrived at the hospital I thought all they were going to do is some chiropractic work. Little did I know I would remain a quadriplegic for life!”, so said Dennis Francesconi, who at 17 years old, flew 31 feet in the air after his waterskiing boat hit sand, and propelled him head-first onto the beach.

Kids Self-Esteem – Speaking Up For Yourself Builds Strong Self-Esteem

Do have a mumbler living in your house? Speaking up for yourself is a huge step toward a strong self-esteem. Here are some tips on using clear speech.

Habits, Self-Esteem and Self-Image

The late Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the plastic surgeon who achieved a great deal of fame through his book, “Psycho Cybernetics”, taught that there were four important steps that a person could take on a regular basis to form new habits that can build a healthy new self-image. Forgive others with no strings attached.

Loving You First

Learning to love yourself is the beginning of a truly successful relationship. It’s only when you love yourself that others will love you.

What is Dyslexia? Why Take a Dyslexia Test?

There are millions of adult dyslexics today who are totally unaware that dyslexia is the problem that has been holding them back for most of their lives. Dyslexics see things differently, learn differently. Today students are screened for dyslexia. 15 years ago they were not.

When You Ask Why Am I Here?
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Do you ask, “Why am I here” The answer is there in your soul. But why is it so hard to listen to yourself, to trust yourself and your own soul’s messages? One of the markers of childhood is the need to have the environment – that is the family, neighborhood, church, etc. – provide a sense of being alive. So we all too easily learn to listen to what is outside of ourselves.

How to Build Self Esteem Using the Voice Inside Your Head

All of us could stand to learn a little more about how to build self esteem, and plenty of us are trying to find more information about this topic. Recent accounts show that there are more than 25,000 books and articles on the subject, and a Google Search shows well over 2 million hits for self-esteem searches.

Be Very Careful Who You Call a Narcissist If You Are a Loser in Life

Far too many people run around calling those who exude self-confidence, narcissists. And this is happening more and more these days, but why you wonder. It’s simple really, today, we are told that it is all about the collective consciousness not the individual. Well, if the individual means nothing and if you accept this nonsense, then you are going to end up with such low self-esteem that anyone with a healthy self-esteem is going to appear, at least to you as being an ego-maniac or narcissist.

Strengthen Your Self Confidence – Life Coaching Exercises For Women

How you feel about yourself develops in childhood and continues up to present time. All of your experiences or lack of, all of our interactions with others contribute to your feeling about self, your self confidence or your self esteem. Even when you feel good about yourself you will still have “days” that will throw you off course and make you question yourself. Take a deep breath, refocus, and try my life coaching exercises. Have the best life you can, you deserve it!

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Is Humbleness Holding You Back?

All over the globe there are cultures and even religions that teach to be humble as it is significant to living a full rich life. But is it possible that they are missing a key profound element? Is it possible that humbleness could actually be holding you back from reaching your potential?

An Esteemed Life

In this day and age it is important to have a strong sense of self, self esteem and self belief if you are to survive the barrage of media pressure to be ‘perfect’. This article is about the fact that we are already perfect now and all we need to do is to realise it for ourselves.

Using Your Gifts to Help Others

There are so many people in need of encouragement nowadays with the economy being what it is. Stress in people’s lives is at a breaking point and they need to know someone cares about them. I am putting forth a challenge for the Christian community and others who want to use their gifts to help others. Here is the idea:

The Benefits of Interactive Workshops For Children With Self Confidence Concerns

This article discusses the benefits of interactive workshops as a method of improving a childs self confidence. This article relates particularly to Angela Bucks workshops that inspire self worth and inspire a childs own beliefs for potentials.

Increasing Your Self-Esteem With Inner Child Dialogues

One source of shame (low self-esteem) is when we know that another person we care about isn’t interested in us. Talking regularly with our Inner Child tells her/him that it’s feelings and needs matter, and that alone can increase self-esteem. Learn other ways Inner Child Dialogue increases your self-esteem.

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