Marcus Aurelius: How to Think Clearly

Marcus Aurelius: How to Think Clearly

Is Your Lack of Self Confidence Keeping You Trapped in ‘The Daze’?

If you have low self-confidence or self-esteem, your happiness is most likely suffering as well. Your low self confidence maybe keeping you trapped in a state of mind similar to a daze. As long as you are in this ‘daze’, your mind is operating on autopilot. You are anywhere but in the present moment.

Preparing For a Challenge Through Self-Development

When most of us prepare for a challenge, we think of what we can do. I want to propose a way to prepare for challenges that involves developing oneself on a subconscious level.

Transform Your Life – Change Your Beliefs – Part I

Do you find yourself thinking that you wish everyone else in your life would change? If only your spouse would change, or your boss, or relatives, or anybody and everybody in your life and then it would be just right and you would feel better?

How Do You Love Yourself?

What does it mean to love yourself? It means that you are comfortable with who you are and what you are. It means that you allow others to appreciate who you are and what you are. So how do you do this?

Understanding Shyness – The Fear of People

Do you ever tense up and feel gripped by fear at the thought of meeting new people? Do you wonder why people are shy? This article is a brief guide to understanding shyness and social anxiety.

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Feeling stressed out and or not quite up to your old self? Chances are you are taking life way too serious, discover how you can get your motivation back through laughter.

Standing Strong Before Your Attackers

Are you afraid when someone confronts you? Do you know how to assert yourself in case you are attacked? In this article, I discuss how you could develop boundaries so that you won’t be afraid of your perpetrators.

Attitude and Emotions Go Hand in Hand

Attitude, it always comes back to attitude. Your attitude more precisely. How you respond to any situation, person or thing that happens to you, around you or to someone that you care about. The emotion attached to what you want, don’t want, do or don’t do, is in direct proportion to your attitude.

Gain Self-Confidence Naturally Without Drugs and Enjoy Life

Suffering from low self-esteem is never any fun at all. When you are lacking in self-confidence you may find that you are missing out when it comes to the various simple pleasures of life. Many individuals suffer from low self-esteem.

Bullying And Youths

Nine (9) teenagers in a city in Massachusetts face charges of bullying a fifteen (15) year old girl until she killed herself. Authorities and parents are asking why no one stepped in to help her.

The Portrait Of A Bully

Some studies suggest that around 20 percent of all American children have been the victim of bullying at some point in elementary school, and about the same number have described themselves as engaging in some form of bullying behavior. Bullying can range from teasing, to stealing lunch money, to a group of students physically abusing a classmate.

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5 Pizzazz Tips to Bolster a Woman’s Confidence

We all know why everyone needs confidence, right? It’s needed to be able to accomplish the things that you want in life and to be able to live the life that you want.

Confidence Building – Truths and Lies

Confidence can be defined as “a belief in one’s own skill or ability”. It is a sense of self esteem and comes from how much you value yourself and your skills. If you lack confidence, then you should seek ways to build it. It is not inbuilt, it is the way how you’re trained.

Are You Lacking Confidence? Read These Seven Secrets to Building Self Confidence

Building self confidence I believe is something that we need to work at everyday! Confidence is all about being positive concerning what we do – and not worrying about what we can’t do.

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