Mindfulness and Our Breath

Mindfulness and Our Breath

What Do Words Really Mean?

The use of language and the ability to communicate play an incredibly important role in our world. We talk, type, sign, and text to others every single day in order to get our thoughts and feeling across the world about a variety of topics. Words can be used to convey so many experiences from how one perceives the exact color of the sky to the feelings of being a first time parent.

Giving Up Porn to Heal Your Social Anxiety and Depression

The widespread use of Internet pornography is destroying male performance in life, through severe social anxiety, depression and huge losses of motivation. Read what how quitting porn can give you ”a second chance” at life. Have you ever noticed that a lot of young males don’t have a girlfriend, are socially awkward when they are in company with girls and are doing worse and worse academically? Read on to learn what benefits people have experienced that successfully quit this dangerous habit.

How to Stop Yourself From Worrying

Is your life riddled with worry? Find out how you can stop yourself from worrying!

The Role of Confidence Training and Coaching for Building Self Belief and Success

Coaching and Confidence Courses can really change your life, but what is it about these things that do? Without the fundamentals elements discussed in this article, you may not get the change you are looking for.

Would You Let Your Friends Talk to You, Like You Talk to Yourself?
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We want others to be kind to us, to say nice things and to acknowledge the good that we do. However, we are often tough, if not cruel, to ourselves. How can we learn self-talk that keeps us in a positive frame of mind? This article shows you some of the ways.

God’s Dream Come True

You are what God had in mind as He created the entire universe. Everything was set in place so that you can be here at this very moment.

Five Keys to Gaining Absolute Self-Confidence

Self-confidence comes from taking action on your goals and dreams. Each action step builds more confidence. Allowing yourself to make mistakes is part of the process. You can get past the person in the past and create a highly confident you.

Why ‘Weight’ to Practice Self-Compassion in the Holiday Season?

We are just past Halloween and people are worried about the holidays, specifically how to ‘make it’ through the holidays without feeling awful about food and eating. These tips might help you be more forgiving and compassionate with yourself, and maybe even enjoy food and the holidays more this year.

Recover Your Voice: A Healing Process for Women

Imagine knowing what you need and not being afraid to say it! This article will give you some beginning steps to understanding a common feminine experience, and how to begin the process to making change.

Beauty – Is It Physical Appearances or Self-Esteem?

Beauty is a universal concept that is hard to define, but is understood by all. In many societies, physical beauty is seen to have acceptable norms though some of those norms differ between cultures. We may struggle to explain when asked what is beautiful to us.

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7 Tips to Communicating Effectively With Others

This article gives you seven easy ways to improve your communications skills. Follow these tips to get along better with other people.

How EVERY Woman Can Become an Ageless Beauty

Every woman wants to be an ageless beauty! The following ten principles will allow you to gain mastery over the process. None of these principles are quick and easy, but over time, they work!!!

Environmental Factors Vs Self Esteem

Self esteem is not an independent concept; it is intermixed with other significant concepts like self respect, self pride, self confidence, self dignity etc. All these concepts could never be separated from self esteem. We focus in this article on the environmental factors affecting one’s self-esteem tremendously. The environmental factors such as status (marital, educational, professional, social, health, financial), place of living, dressing style, people we met or communicate with, tasks we love to perform, and being positive would be the basic features in the process of attaining high levels of self esteem.

Six Ways to Develop Courage

Courage is a moral excellence, a virtue which entitles a person with manhood. According to Aristotle, “Courage is the mean between fear and recklessness.” Cowards fear things that shouldn’t be feared. They lack vigor and strength to overcome their fear to do something great in life. On the other hand, reckless people undertake unnecessary risks and shows overconfidence in doing things. But a courageous man makes balance between cowardliness and recklessness. He fears things that should be feared and gets over his fear with confidence for noble causes and honor.

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