Mindfulness of Sounds and Thoughts Guided Meditation

Mindfulness of Sounds and Thoughts Guided Meditation

Easy Way to Build Self-Esteem

If we want to change our self-esteem we have to find the truth about why we feel the way we do about ourselves. The key is at the end of this article, but you have to read the whole thing for it to make sense. What is low self-esteem? It’s a feeling of guilt for being perpetually and repeatedly bad or wrong. It does not matter if your opinion is true or not, if its valid or not, you know you are bad, wrong, guilty, foolish, etc. It’s what you believe that matters to you.

Humility – Where’s the Good in It?

People often equate humility with submissiveness, low self-esteem and low confidence. Not qualities suited to say being a leader or entertainer. Sure, cockiness and arrogance can lead us into trouble. An inflated ego, showing off and seeking admiration can create high expectations that one cannot fulfill. But is a positive sense of self-respect, confidence and assertiveness that are not taken too far, actually compatible with humility? Can humility be a good thing?

You Are Not Your Number

Many people post on social media looking for Likes, Shares and Comments. Is that healthy behavior? This article takes a look at the “Likes”.

Your Presence Is an Everyday Projection of Who You Are

There are only so many in everyone’s life. Many of us procrastinate, even when we have formulated a sense of purpose and dream away many hours and days of our existence.. Others drive through their time at a speed and in a manner, having regard to all the circumstances, can be deemed to be reckless and dangerous to themselves and others. A bit like dangerous driving.

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The Day I Was Declined A Job Because I Was Passionate About It

The day I was declined a job for which I was very passionate was one day when my self-esteem plummeted to a new low. Don’t let it happen to you. Different bosses look for different qualities, often based upon their own flaws and insecurities.

Building Up Your Self-Esteem by Investing in Your Abilities and Self-Worth

Some are so confident about themselves that they can do anything they set their minds to. Others are less confident and require lessons in order to perform. There is, however, many who have no ability to see themselves as anything but a hanger-on.

Yes, You Gotta Believe in Yourself – But There’s a Catch

“Believe in yourself” is one of those clichess that always have their legitimacy back somewhere. Then why am I telling you to NOT believe in yourself?

Building Confidence Isn’t Easy – But There’s Hope

Theoretically, building confidence shouldn’t be complicated. And theoretically, confidence coaching shouldn’t be necessary. The key word here, of course, is “theoretically”.

Not Doing What You Say: How It Cripples You

Not doing what you say you’re gonna do is a habit. – A habit that is unsupportive of your success. That’s what my old group coach used to say.

Confidence: Why Loving Yourself Isn’t Enough

While loving oneself is definitely associated with confidence, the premise is actually questionable. Because none of us are fixed, static beings.

How To Improve Your Self-Confidence

To improve your self-confidence, you should first realize that it is just an intangible feature which everyone desires and admires and that real confidence is all about being true to whom you are. So, how do you create, improve or sustain significant levels of assurance in your life?

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The Moment All Confidence Is Born

All confidence is born, in a tiny, fleeting, easy to miss moment. Confident people catch the moment, while those who are insecure miss it every time. Here’s how to learn how to catch it.

5 Ways to Build Self-Esteem and Change Your Life

Change begins in the mind, followed by action.Take 15 minutes a day to do 5 research-based things to build your self-esteem and improve your whole life.

C Is For Confidence

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of confidence is “a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something”, or “the feeling of being certain that something will happen or that something is true.” The issue here is that neither definition tells HOW to be confident. It is definitely hard to feel confident when we are not prepared.

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