Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation

Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation

What Is Self Respect?

Can you believe I got stood up? I mean, what is the DEAL with these crazy females? I suppose it’s no surprise that since the title of this post is “what is self respect” that the story revolves around male / female relationships.

The Challenges of Being a Child Actor

There are many challenges that child actors face. Some of these challenges include struggles with self-esteem, lack of perceived control within the industry, and a sense of alienation. How does the child interpret and handle successes as well as rejections? The reactions of the parents of the child actor are of utmost importance.

High Self Esteem: What It Is And How To Get It

What’s stopping you from reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams? If you think your low self esteem might be holding you back, read on to find out how to improve it.

How Building Self Confidence Brings Greater Success

Building self confidence is something that will DIRECTLY influence the level of success you or anybody else may experience! Most people tend to shy away from anything with which they are not familiar and the lack of self assurance is the major reason they don’t take action! Read further to discover 3 quick and simple tips to help anybody develop the confidence they need to pursue the goals they have targeted!

7 Signs You Have a Self-Esteem Problem

Self-esteem problems are more common than they appear. They are a ticking bomb that grows silently within us and it takes quite the time before you start realizing that something might be wrong.

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Suicide – A Selfish Act

Selfish people can only think of committing suicide. It is an act which not only brings grief to the relatives but also the society condemns such acts. In fact the whole family left behind has to face the consequences of suicide.

3 Mind-Blowing Tools to Change Your Life

Welcome. In this article we’ll talk about how hypnosis works, the power of subliminals, and the effects of Paraliminals. After reading this article, you’ll be able to change your life completely.

Slow Death By Adaptation

There is an experiment once used by a university professor at the start of each semester to illustrate the ease in ability of a frog to adapt (although deadly in this situation) to certain environmental conditions. Being cold-blooded a frog can vary its body temperature to compensate for the changing environment.

Two Kinds of Psychotherapy

Two major techniques employed in psychotherapy. Is the client saying they cannot feel or they cannot think?

How To Recolor the Filters of Your Self Esteem

I remember an argument I had with my wife that had a major impact on my life. When I moved in with her (because she had a HUGE basement, perfect for a man-cave), I noticed she had a beautiful green couch that I fell in love with because it was one of those couches that looked like theater seats.

Are Envy and Jealousy Sabotaging Your Future?

Have you ever felt a twinge of irritation or anger when someone had something and you did not? For example, a relative who married into wealth and now lives lavishly and did little to earn it, or an individual who attained a position of power only because of who they knew? Why would you allow someone else’s possessions, title, wealth, or fame be the barometer for your own sense of dignity and value?

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Building Confidence – One Tip to Help You Improve Your Self Confidence

When I realized this tip, it had a huge impact on my confidence and self esteem. Hopefully it will make just as big an impact on yours.

Boosting Self-Esteem in the Workplace: 4 Quick Tips

Do you feel like you are trapped in your current work situation? Do you feel like you could be doing more but your boss won’t let you? Guess what? Low self-esteem and lack of confidence could be the culprit behind those feelings, and it could also be getting in the way of your success at work.

Your True Definition – Valuable!

You are no fool, you are not worthless, you are not useless neither are you cheap. You are a jewel of inestimable value!

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