My Favorite Success Techniques That Enhance Productivity | Brian Tracy

My Favorite Success Techniques That Enhance Productivity | Brian Tracy

Become Mentally Invincible by Contradicting the Group

When we find ourselves in a situation where someone wants to argue with us, or cause us trouble, we can accept within ourselves that it is out of ignorance and a lack of control over their minds that have acted in this way. You cannot always directly affect someone’s state of mind, but you can become absolutely invincible to the negativity they are sending to you by believing that you have all power over what you experience.

Harmony Through Conflict

When I was three years old, my adoptive mother was holding me as we stood in line at the grocery store. A gentleman in front of us turned and said what a pretty little girl I was…I then replied with, “no I’m not…I’m adopted.”

7 Steps to Increase Your Self Esteem and Self Confidence

High self esteem or self confidence, is not something some lucky people are born with, a lot of it lies in our upbringing, and how your self image have been build up through life. If you want happiness, success and fulfillment you need high self esteem.

Sales and Life Baggage – 8 Steps to Effective Dumping

As human beings, we are a sum of our parts. It is unrealistic to assume that emotional baggage in our lives will not overflow into our sales efforts as well. While I certainly am not a psychology expert nor is this an attempt to solve everyones issues, there are indeed daily adjustments that can be made to improve our outlook, expectations and results. Try implementing these eight steps…

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Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Most anyone wanting to lose weight avoids looking in mirrors if at all possible. It is self protection when we really do not like the image reflected back to us. It takes more than weight loss to replace those hidden feelings of self hatred or dislike. First we recognize the feelings and then we can go on to create a positive image.

You Can Gain Self Confidence

You can gain self confidence by just making yourself feel better about yourself. I know this is sounds easy, however most people are their own worst enemies. People are harder on themselves than other people. They tend to be a very difficult judge towards themselves.

Do You Love You?

Do you really know who you are at your core? Do you love that self? The strongest and most savvy business executives and the most effective parents have taken the time to discover themselves.

Believe Your Soul Mate Is Out There

Believing that your soul mate is out there is critical to the preparation of manifesting him or her into your life. The basic law of attraction states that you will attract to you those things that match your state of belief.

How Does It Matter What People Say?

Gossip is engaging, the more slanderous, the more interesting, but it is hurts and harms. Why should you judge yourself by what people say?

Battling the Tricky Little Voices – How to Overcome Doubt

Everyone has them: those nasty little demons that pop up over and over, nagging us to stay where we are, not make any changes, and just let them control our lives. I, for one, am quite sited of them and have made it my own personal mission to shut them up once and for all. I’ve decided to listen to the voice of intuition, not the snarl of ego.

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Comparing Yourself To Others Is Over

If you talk about uplifting it will always remind you about all of the many disempowering, deflating beliefs which are with the people having social anxiety. Categorized them all one category that is particularly powerful in a negative sense is the habit of comparing yourself to others. This is incredibly harmful because no matter who you are with or who you are thinking about, it is possible to come up with a dozen things where they are “superior to” or “better than” you in some way.

The Right To Your Own Opinion

We all have a right to an opinion and it is important to be able to express yours. In life there are many opportunities to offer an opinion and yours is as valid as any other person’s. However, for some this is not an easy thing to do.

Ten Powerful Ways To Enhance Your Healthy Self-Esteem

Healthy self-esteem is your most powerful success tool. The healthier your self-esteem the more you’ll truly believe in your ability to succeed. Here are ten powerful ways to enhance self-esteem and give yourself that added momentum to go for your personal, professional and financial goals.

Blushing Cure – How I Use My Own Blushing Cure To Be The Person I Knew I Could Be

I am not a perfect person, I have things I hate about myself, I still don’t entirely like the way I look, I still say stupid things and I still, very occasionally, blush. Yes, I said it…I still blush.

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