Never Let Criticism Hurt You

Never Let Criticism Hurt You

500 Words

500 Words: “If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I’d want to pass along to others… The first thing I would share would be to stop at nothing to know the truth.

3 Reasons Why People Have Low Self Esteem

It’s unbelievable how many people suffer from low self esteem. Unfortunately, low self esteem usually can be traced back to a not-so-nice childhood where one is ridiculed, bullied, or abandoned. With a little self TLC, you can overcome low self esteem.

The Three Major Pitfalls On The Road To Building Self Esteem

The process of building your self esteem can be a challenging concept. It takes daily effort and practice as well as continual reminders to yourself that your happiness does not rest on external factors such as financial security or social standing, but on the value you put on yourself as a human being.

Five Steps To Help You Build Self Esteem – How Many Times Have You Seen This Title Before?

Self esteem is an experience. An experience that can be defined as experiencing one’s self; how one copes with life’s basic challenges and whether they view themselves as being worthy of happiness, and let’s face it, how many people do you know who you could honestly say feel that they are worthy of happiness?

Building Self-Esteem in 2 Easy Steps

It may sound like 2 steps toward building self-esteem is too good to be true, but in reality it’s not too good if it’s the truth. We all know that within society today low self-esteem is the basis for hundreds of careers. Self-help professionals, motivational speakers, and psychiatric specialist, all work with combating, controlling, or eliminating the effects of low self-esteem.

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You Were Born to Win – May I Ask What You Are Waiting For?

The fact is you were born to win. Consider the chances and odds of you even being born. They aren’t very good in your current form.

We Cannot Improve Our Populations Self-Esteem By Crushing Those With Strength of Character

Once I read a very interesting line in a comical strip. It was a mother and a child talking. The mother said to the child “you are so special,” and then later the child heard the mom say that to another kid; “you are so special” and then the son said to the mom; “I thought you said I was so special.” And the mom said “oh honey, but of course you are, but he is too, in fact everyone is special.” And then the son said to the mom:

Do Not Let “Pretend Friends Online” Set Your Standards Too Low

There is an old famous quote that reminds people not to let their friends set their personal standards. That’s good advice isn’t it – sure that makes a lot of sense, as you should set your own standards, and set them as high as you can, live with integrity, and use your intellect and wisdom to up your standards a few notches as you go forward. One thing I find is that people are letting the television and those horrible sitcoms set their standards.

A True Test of Character Is How Hard You Can Crash and Burn Yet Still Have the Balls to Go Again

No pain no gain, no risk no reward. That’s what it takes to be a winner, but few people are willing to go the distance. Winners are people that are willing to push themselves to greater heights.

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How Low Can You Go? Part 4

OK, you’ve been reading my blog and you’ve truly been working on your self-esteem. You truckin’ along; you feel like your making progress. What happens when you hit a wall?

10 Tips to Conquer Shyness

Shyness is sometimes natural but, even then it can be a pain in the neck when it stops you from doing things or talking to other people. Here are 10 simple but effective tips to help you conquer your shyness.

The True Source of Self Esteem

No matter where you are today it seems as if the expression “self esteem” keeps cropping up. If a person is successful in business and in life they are said to have “high self esteem” whereas if they are unsuccessful they are said to have low self esteem, but is it really that simple?

Using Affirmations For Self Esteem

Affirmations for self esteem will help you keep the negative thoughts away and replace them with positive ones. Doing this will help you boost your self esteem and let you have a life that is better and let you reach more goals.

Raising Self Esteem

Everyone talks about self esteem but what is it? Well, unfortunately it is not something you can pull out and hold in our hands and although we all have an idea of what self esteem means to us, it is not something that is put into words easily. Self esteem is the opinion you have about yourself, what you think about yourself and how you value yourself. If you have it in abundance, excellent but if you don’t read on.

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