Low Self Esteem and Emotional Abuse – 6 Reasons You May Feel Bad With Your Partner

Most people are familiar with the concept of low self esteem. There can be many root causes for someone to feel down about themselves, or hold themselves as worthless. Relationships can come strongly into play in the puzzle, as being with someone who consistently criticizes or puts you down only reinforces the feelings of low self esteem.

Stop Feeling Stupid!

No one I have ever met has ever enjoyed feeling stupid, and I cannot remember it ever helping anyone much. Stop feeling stupid, we have all been stupid, done things that after the fact, or even before it we knew we should never have done.

How to Treat Yourself Right

Caring for our personal needs is not just a luxury, it is a necessity if we want to be truly confident, healthy and successful. These four tips will help you achieve the success and balance we are all seeking.

Low Self Esteem and Emotionally Abusive Relationships – 5 Signs They Might Be Tied Together

Low self esteem is a problem many struggle with, but not everyone takes the effects of their relationship into account. An emotionally abusive relationship can lower self esteem and even lead to depression symptoms. Here are 5 signs your low self esteem may be related to emotionally abusive behavior in your relationship.

Boost Your Self-Esteem and Find That Special Person to Share the Moments With
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You want that someone special to laugh with, cry with, share those magic moments and have the experiences of a life time you can look back on. Describe them as your soul mate, your lover, that special one or your best friend, you have to do certain take certain actions to take control of your dating life instead of leaving it to chance.

Learn How to Develop Self-Confidence and Be Proud of Yourself

Self-confidence is not something that everyone is born with. There are those that can naturally walk into a room and take it over and then there are others who have worked at creating this image.

How to Build Self-Confidence and Become a Successful Person

If you are meek and humble person, learning how to build your self-confidence can literally change your life. How we think about ourselves directly affects how others perceive us.

How to Gain Self-Confidence and Become a More Positive Person

You’ll often find that people who are lacking in self-confidence are also very negative in their outlook in life. They’ve usually experienced many failures and get dumped on by just about everyone they come in contact with.

What You Cannot Afford to Not Recognize About Your Self-Esteem

How do you see yourself? Happy, confident, at ease? How about depressed, self-loathing and rubbish? Your self-esteem is all about how you see yourself. Your self-esteem is completely your responsibility.

Why Can’t I Look Like That?

Do you struggle with poor body image? If so, this article will give you some great tips on how to love yourself and be the best you can be.

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7 Warning Signs – Common For Failure

I’m a great student of personal development. During my study, I’ve come across many reasons why people fail in their quest for success. The signs that you are about to review are symptoms that we all feel at some point in our lives.

What’s Your Story?

Many of us have internal stories that define us. However, many of those stories are no longer true and can cause damage to our self esteem. Do you have a story that defines you? Internal scripts carry strong messages. I like happy endings, but a lot of our personal stories are tragic or melodramatic. In times of difficulty it is important to pull out the good ones and not reach for something that is going to sink you deeper into an emotional abyss.

What Does a Healthy Ego Have to Do With Self-esteem?

Explore whether the pursuit of self-esteem can be a goal in itself, or whether it is the consequence of a life lived consistent with one’s ideals. To the extent that healthy or authentic self-esteem is applied to people who “trust their own being to be life affirming, constructive, responsible and trustworthy,” I heartily encourage that kind of self-evaluation.

Creative Problem Solving – The Link to Self Esteem and Perfectionism

As children, Mother often told us we had to be “perfect”. In absolute defiance, I would often respond “Only God is perfect… that’s what they teach us in school!” An argument made often, and never won by either party. Each of us has our own perfectionist traits, and quirks instilled over a lifetime. Perfectionism is a part of our lives, how we are perceived, and our own self esteem. Creating balance and harmony between our perfectionism and our lives is essential to our happiness.

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