One Battle You Need To Win Every Day

One Battle You Need To Win Every Day

Self Esteem – A Really Easy Way To Boost Yours, Fast

If you can think and imagine what it would be like to appreciate and like yourself, then you can do it. Take control of your own life, thoughts and feelings, and you will find yourself empowered and able to face and even benefit from, situations, decisions and people that you may have previously avoided.

3 Surefire Ways To Build Self Confidence

Has anyone every told you that you couldn’t do this or that, that you were worthless or ignorant. If so, you’re not alone – it’s happening to the majority of people every day. What do we do to counter this negative energy and constant put-down. In the 3 Surefire Ways to Build Self Confidence you’ll discover 3 ways to start building your confidence hour by hour so that you’ll become stronger and stronger and grow a layer of confidence that will let your true self shine.

Prosperity Is a Mindset – How to Gain Prosperity

My weakness is the constant need to help people and show them how to improve their life, I have had this fault and yes I say fault since I was a little girl. You see, I spent (operative word here) a better part of my life helping others and without consciously realizing it, I was NOT practicing what I was preaching. I now ask myself, “Who are you to guide others when you don’t apply those techniques in your own life?”

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The 5 Easy Ways To Build Your Self Esteem

In the work that I do, I’ve got the opportunity to see beautiful human beings with lot of self esteem issues. Low self esteem creates a whole lot of different behaviours. Some behave timidly, some behave loudly. Some hide behind, some wants to show off. Some hope no one notices them, some dresses so that people won’t miss them.

Is Your Inner Voice Sabotaging You?

How much time do you spend every day telling yourself you can’t do something? I used to do this all the time. Every day, my thoughts sounded like this.

How to Be Tall Confident Woman

Being a tall girl in today’s world isn’t as easy or as fortunate as the shorter population would believe. Being tall is a public affair, walking around it feels like the spotlight is on you, nowhere to hide leaving most tall girls self-conscious, awkward and not liking themselves and their height. We have two choices on how to respond:

Self Confidence Boosters That Work Within Five Minutes

In this short article you will learn about ‘self confidence boosters’ that work within five minutes, but first let’s define just what ‘Self Confidence’ actually is. The online Cambridge Dictionary defines Self Confidence as, “behaving calmly because you have no doubts about your ability or knowledge.” So it’s clear from this that in some situations we can act in a self confident manner because we’re familiar with it and have capabilities and knowledge.

High Self Confidence and Self Esteem: Is It Good Or Bad?
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Self-confidence is a pleasant feeling of ability to achieve our goals. At the same time this feeling is accompanied with self pleasing sensations of high personal value and personal quality, which is often called self-esteem. Self-esteem can be deserved and supported by real achievements, but often self-confidence can be totally unrealistic and undeserved.

On Overcoming

About my first name. And how I got inspired by my name.

Do You Have a Repetitive Thought Pattern That Ruins Your Self-Confidence?

How habits of thought can make you so much less effective. I wonder how many times people repeat a thought pattern they picked up, quite likely, in childhood? A message that they repeat unconsciously at critical times in their lives and it pricks the bubble of confidence and possibility, switching off the light within?

Building Self Esteem With Affirmations

Low self esteem can make you unhappy, hurt your relationships and keep you from experiencing life in the fullest. Here are some simple strategies for building self esteem and starting on your path to a happier more fulfilling life.

How to Get Your Children to Go to Church in the Morning!

As probably every parent knows, getting your children to go to Church on Sunday, especially when they can be getting extra sleep or playing video games, can be challenging. Learn what you can do to not only get them out of bed on time, but excited to go.

How to Destroy Shyness and Lead a Personally Satisfying Life

Once upon a time, I had a horrible, debilitating affliction that, at its most extreme, created a private, nightmarish existence. For those individuals who have never been troubled by the effects of shyness, you may not be able to relate. But for those of you that have personally experienced, or know someone who has any degree or form of shyness in the way of a social anxiety, such as, timidness, stage fright, performance anxiety, the fear of public speaking, etc., you may be interested in reading on.

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Self-Esteem: 4 Tips on Personal Care

How do you feel about your physical appearance in relation to your own self-esteem? If you have low self-esteem your physical appearance may be the last thing on your mind or maybe you could care less about…

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