Practice These 10 Tiny Habits Every Day And Watch Your Entire Life Change

Practice These 10 Tiny Habits Every Day And Watch Your Entire Life Change

Low Self-Esteem and Co-Dependency

This articles explains why co-dependency is a symptom of low self-esteem… I was raised in a family with a co-dependent mother. I am neither judging her nor blaming her, but being able to be aware of this dysfunction helped me a lot in building a healthier self esteem. What is co-dependency?

Sensitive People – 9 Things to Remember When Others Tell You That You are Being Too Sensitive

Many sensitive children grow into sensitive adults. How we feel each day can greatly affect our self-esteem. If you are one of the sensitive people in the world remember these 9 things to help you guide your own emotions.

Stress Grinds and Hacks at Your Memory

Keep your memory sharp as a pirahnas tooth!

What Am I Worth?

In coaching, we go through a process of re-evaluating our life. Cleaning out old beliefs, throwing away disempowering ones and polishing the beautiful, empowering ones. Recently, I had a session with one of my clients, in which we discussed how much she should charge for her services. I think we all wonder about that when we interview for a new job, or when we meet a new client. How much will I be paid? How much am I worth?

Confidence and Self Confidence

Do you shy away when you wish that you could join in? Do you feel that sometimes you are just not good enough to achieve something? Are you always putting yourself down? Well if so then you may have an issue with your confidence. Low self esteem or a lack of self confidence is something that affects many people throughout their lives, so it is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact hundreds of leading personalities and even world leaders at one time suffered at the hands of a lack of self confidence.

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Are You Using Drugs or Alcohol to Deal With Shyness?

If you are very shy, or if you have a fear of being rejected by others, you may want to turn to drugs or alcohol to ease your shyness and to feel relaxed around others. Here are the pros and cons of using alcohol or illegal drugs to make you feel more at ease, as well as using legal prescription drugs to deal with shyness.

Simple Exercise to Build Your Self Esteem

The simplest exercise to build your self-esteem is a physical exercise. A person with good health and strong body has a very high potential and energy for achievements. If your body is broke and you do not like what you see in the mirror – no affirmation will help you. Only a direct action upon your body excellence will increase your self respect and confidence.

Self Esteem – Why Do People Hate Me?

You’ve met these people before, we all have, maybe you have even fallen victim to this kind of thought or vocalization yourself a time or two. Why do people hate me?

A Vital Understanding in Creating An Abundant Life – Nobody Deserves Anything

Is the notion of “deserving” serving you? The Source of All does not care even a tiny bit how virtuous, hard-working, or long-suffering you are. Source never withholds energy of any kind for any reason. So who is restricting the flow of abundance into your life?

Aggressive and Assertive – You Can’t Be Both

Aggressive or assertive? Confident or angry? What motivates superior performance? What separates the one from the many?

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You, Wonderful You

Learn how to say “thank you” without feeling guilty.

10 Helpful Tips in Gaining Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can lead to various problems in someone’s career, relationships and personal life. Low self-esteem can easily be transformed into depression which can further affect one’s metal, physical and social disposition.

Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin Around Power & Beauty

Being nervous and uncomfortable around women is an issue that millions of men are dealing with. Is there an actual solution for them to be comfortable in their own skin? This articles explores that subject…

Success In Life – Is Your Fear Of Being Wrong Stopping You From Success?

In the course of your life you will be faced with thousands of choices that you will have to make. To have success in life you will…

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