Pretend Your Time is Worth $1,000/Hour and You’ll Become 100x More Productive

Pretend Your Time is Worth $1,000/Hour and You'll Become 100x More Productive

The Best of Life is Wrapped in a Circle

In March 1967 my mother took me to the local jewelry store, and I drew a winning ticket for a diamond. A real diamond! I can’t remember what size it was or what it was worth in dollars, but I grew to know its real value with the passage of time.

Quick Tips For Improving Low Self Esteem

No doubt you have read many articles and information on self esteem and how to improve it. There are many ways of gaining self esteem long term, but a lot of these are only effective if done repeatedly over time. But what if you don’t want to wait that long to feel better about yourself?

How Do I Build Self Esteem?

Our level of self esteem stems from how we perceive ourselves, and affects all areas of our lives; the higher our self esteem, and how good we feel about ourselves, the more likely we are to achieve success in all areas of our lives. You may be thinking; all well and good, but how do I build my self esteem? Here are some tried and trusted ways of helping yourself to gain self esteem; Halt destructive thoughts.

How to Renew Your Spirit and Increase Your Self-Esteem

If you desire to renew your spirit you will be intrigued by the ideas in this article. Here are three sure fire ideas that will renew your spirit.

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Abuse and Its Effects on Self-Esteem and Positive Identity

Abuse is an invasion of our individual person-hood and leaves us vulnerable. Our reactions usually lead us to a low self-esteem and a negative identity. These then lead us to difficulty in relationships and employment. Learn how to counter these effects and embrace life fully with a positive outlook.

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Can’t Do It!

Have you ever heard someone say; “If I only had a dollar for every time someone told me I couldn’t do something, I’d be a very wealthy individual!” Well, I was considering this the other day after someone told me that not everyone has the talents that I do and thus, they cannot do what I’ve done? And many people are beaten down because no one believes in them or encourages them to forge ahead and tackle their dreams.

Betrayed by Society

What is betrayal to you? Is it hurt, deception, disappointment, anger, loss of trust, feelings of being broken, defiled, humiliated, neglected, loss of self-esteem, or a feeling of death? Betrayal has a way of stealing your smiles and laughter. It has a way of turning your love into pure hate. You will probably remember reading these very words from my first article on betrayal. Well this description seemed fitting for this article, “Betrayed by Society” as well.

Against All Expectations

Focus on your potential and believe in yourself. Disregard the obstacles before you and be determined to achieve what you have set before you to achieve. Always have it at the back of your mind that, those that have made it today, are those who have failed to live by the conclusion of people and have worked with determination, focus, dedication etc.

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Reclaim Your Self-Value

Sometimes in life we give away too much of ourselves. This results in low self-esteem and self-hatred.

Heighten Your Self-Esteem and Be a Better Person

Do you love and respect yourself? Do not be shocked or stunned hearing this. In fact, this is a question that people often forget asking themselves. Only if you love and regard yourself will you feel confident and worthy. Most of us spend a lifetime basing our beliefs on what others have to say about us. This is not going to work if self- improvement is your ultimate aim. Your self- worth and self-esteem lies within your own power and no one, mind you, no one but you can usher in the final changes. Make yourself believe in self-worth and self-esteem will naturally follow.

How to Get More Self Confidence With Hypnosis

You can develop more self confidence with the right intervention. Self confidence help comes in many forms but self hypnosis is ideal because of its very nature.

Developing A Healthy Self Esteem

When I think of healthy self-esteem, the image that comes to my mind is of my friend who has an amazing personality. His faith and confidence in himself is commendable. He has set himself the target of being the President of a Fortune 500 company. He speaks freely of him ambition. He is very successful in his workplace also ( he delivers at the workplace ). My friend is very successful and very likely to fulfill his ambition because along with a number of positive factors, he has healthy self esteem. Because of this, he thinks he is very capable and is able to set himself high goals and work towards them. High achievers have healthy self esteem.

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Can You Win the Uphill Midlife Battle?

The more some people try to cope with midlife issues, the harder it seems to make any headway. What’s left? To chuck it all? To give up? Isn’t there another option?

How to Develop Self Confidence

You can develop self-confidence in spite of past failings. Self-hypnosis is the ideal approach to getting the confidence self help that you need. This approach serves as a guide to help you take control of your self-image.

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