Reduce Anxiety and Worrying with a Worry Record Worksheet

Reduce Anxiety and Worrying with a Worry Record Worksheet

Do You Need to Be Perfect?

Perfectionism relies on a person avoiding areas in which they need improvement. You’re likely to hear them say, “I’m not perfect, but…” while talking about the actions of other people.

You Are Amazing! (And I Can Prove It)

You really are more than amazing! I can prove it. Plus, you NEED to know it. Read this article and immediately feel happier, more successful and far more filled with hope than you ever have.

Worried About How You Look Or Your Body Image?

Lots of people worry about what they look like and what other people think of them. Often, children and young people think that they look too fat, too thin, too short or too tall and would rather look like someone else, such as actors on TV or the movies, models, sports people or someone they know. Children as young as 7 believe that they are fat and are unhappy with the shape of their bodies.

What is Self Esteem?

Self esteem is termed as the importance to the outside world. It is the form of the spiritual estate. Self esteem is the spiritual infrastructure by which the spiritual forces of the person develop. Self esteem is the urge, particular creative energy and an attribute that can be wither positive or negative. The positive energy increases the self esteem and therefore encourages the positive development.

Peer Pressure Amongst Young Children
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Peer pressure is feeling that you have to do something just because your friends or peers are doing it. Peer pressure can happen at any age, however, 11 to 15 year olds are often more susceptible. It is normal for teens to want to fit in with others their age. Being the same often helps you to feel that you belong to a group and are accepted.

Adult Self Esteem

Most of us do our best to make sure that our children feel good about themselves but often, as adults, we tend to overlook that in ourselves. We may have started in life with high self-esteem, but every day life can erode our positive self image.

I Always Have to Be Right!

Do you always have to be right- even when you have been proved wrong? Or does this sound like somebody close to you?

Dare to Say No and Not Feel Guilty

Are you one of those people who have trouble saying no and when you actually dare to pronounce the word, feel guilty? Are you afraid that if you say No people will not love you any more?

Building Your Self Esteem and Confidence is Key to Self Improvement and Development

Self esteem and self confidence are said to be the pillars of self development, how do you build a strong self esteem and how to avoid getting your self esteem destroyed by others? This article provides some great tips to answer that question.

Increase Your Self-Esteem – Be More Dynamic by Discovering Your Fashion Personality Type
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Did you know you are multi-dimensional when it comes to how you like to dress and what you feel good wearing? Do you pay attention to what you wear most of the time and how wearing these pieces and outfits make you feel? Do you pay attention to the times your family and friends tell you how great you look? This just might represent your fashion personality type. And, incorporating these pieces and styles into your wardrobe will boost your self-esteem, help you feel good and increase your overall confidence level.

7 Simple Steps to a More Self Confident Life

Your self confidence affects just about everything in your life. How well you get along with people, your relationships with friends and family, as well as your job opportunities are all directly affected by how confident you feel about yourself. In fact, how confident you feel affects how well you enjoy your life!

How to Develop Self-Confidence

Find out the importance of your look to develop confidence in yourself! Whoever said that look it’s not important was wrong!

The Four Components of Good Self-Esteem Or Positive Identity

Good self-esteem or a positive identity allows a person to relate well to others and have the confidence to move ahead in life. This article explores the four major components of a positive identity and links them to a relationship with God as creator and someone bigger than ourselves.

Pride – It’s a Self-Esteem Issue!

As we parade down the streets of the world, how much of our pride is a reflection of our own self-esteem? 5 tips to improve our self-love and make an even greater impact on our struggle for equal rights.

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