Review Your Day: The Stoic Evening Routine

Review Your Day: The Stoic Evening Routine

Fighting Through the Darkness of Failure – Chapter One

Fighting through the darkness of failure and the walls that where closing me in, the whispers that were whispering insight my head all of my life, that I am not as good as the rest of the world and the most horrifying whispers of all where those that were saying I will never get through this walls. Being a prisoner insight your self is the worst prison one can be in, when you don’t know that there is a door that you can get out, when you have tried everything to free…

Glamour Style Secrets of Stylists and Celebrities

If you have ever wanted to know the glamour style secrets of stylists and celebrities then look at why fashion looks are known as stories. Stories have a beginning, middle and end. And so should people.

How Improved Self-Esteem Can Make Friends Achieve

Friends often feel low when their self esteem is not well proved to some friends. When friends encounter this problem, they feel low and and they end up not succeeding in life. Self motivation enables an individual to prosper therefore, they should not feel low since each has his own esteem.

Three Elements of Awareness Certain to Enhance Your Self-Esteem

The road to self-help and ultimate happiness is paved with, not only good intentions, but much hooey! Typically the self-help specialist is excellent at building up an excited emotional state within the self-help seeker. Oftentimes advice is cloaked in religious overtones — a sure-fire method of getting individuals to seriously consider the preacher. Now I’m certainly not stating that religious beliefs are bunk, but if there is a concept I have stumbled on, it’s that even if there exists a God, self-help must originate from within the individual – it’s called SELF-help. Assuming there isn’t a God, it follows that one’s sole help must originate from within; if there really is a God, it certainly appears that She abandoned us to our individual devices, and that’s an exceedingly wise thing She did. Consider it in this way: why would God create us, and then continually help us individually? I am personally thankful that She left us to our own means. It would be terribly unexciting if we were provided every little thing on a silver platter, it’s far better that we appear to have been placed in a position that we can help ourselves.

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Facing Your Demons – Overcoming Shame

Shame. It is the voice that calls down darkness and blocks out the light. It is self loathing, self condemnation, self harm and at it’s worst it is suicide. Very, very often, shame is related to a damaged childhood. A child who was abused by words or actions, starved of love or comfort, or made to enter the adult world before their time. If you too are plagued by the voice that calls down darkness. This I know…

Building The Core Of Self-Confidence

When you imagine a self-confident man, you practically see a tough, hard to influence person. The kind of man that believes in something and will stand out for his beliefs. Isn’t that the kind of person you want to be?

Set Goals and Build Self-Confidence

Most people wander through life without knowing where they want to go or what they want to be and very often end up living unhappily in someone else’s dream. These are also the most insecure people. Confidence means freedom of doubt, the absolute assurance that you know what the next step is, that you have a plan and know how to stick to it.

Working Out To Build Self-Confidence

One of the main reasons many people do not feel confident is that they are worried that they are too fat or in some cases too thin. You are probably not. In most cases is just your perception and people like you just the way you are.

Look Good and Improve Self-Confidence

Your level of confidence is massively influenced on what the outer world signals back to you and how you perceive those signals. One way to be sure you get many positive signals (compliments, praises) from the outer world is to pay attention to how you look and that means to dress sharp. You can tell a lot by how a man picks up his clothes.

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Let Other People Compliment You and Gain Self-Confidence

Do you have that annoying friend that is always bragging about unimportant stuff he has done and always stands out as being very insecure? A self-confident man would never behave like that. If you are looking for validation, you put other people in a position of power and that means you lose yours.

Smile and Self-Confidence Is A Must

If you ask a very confident person what makes him or her that way or what do they do to be self confident they will most probably be unable to answer. That is because all they do comes naturally to them and in fact it is very natural. Have you ever watched closely a 2 year old or even a smaller child?

The Danger of Comparison – How to Shift From Comparison to Compassion

Comparisons, judgments, assumptions… we make more of them than we think. This article will help you shift from a place of comparing yourself with others to a place of compassion for yourself and others.

Self Esteem Tips – 3 Keys to Overcome Feeling Like a Failure

I think at one point in everybody’s life, we all have felt like a failure. If this is something that you are dealing with at the moment, I want you to know that there is light at the end of this tunnel. It is going to take determination and the willingness to do some things that you may not feel like doing. Here are 3 keys to help you stop feeling like a failure.

Confidence Issues of Short People
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Most ladies prefer to be in a relationship with guys who are taller than them; very few feel comfortable staying with guys who are short. This has affected most men self esteem and most of the short men tend to seek ways in which they can be able to improve or compensate their height. Most short people are assumed to be in incompetent in some of the things they do.

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