Savage (Animated Story)

Savage (Animated Story)

Your Self Image, Self Confidence & Attitude Create Your Life

Self-image. What is self-image? Self-image is a belief about us that have been formed from past experiences especially in early childhood. Once an idea or belief about ourselves is formed in our minds, it becomes “truth” and we proceed to act upon it as if it were true. What has self-image to do with success? Everything. If you have a negative self-image and negative self worth and you feel you do not deserve good life you will not be able to pursue your unique talents. People who feel undeserving, who doubt their own capabilities or who has a poor opinion of themselves rarely succeed in life.

Having Low Self Confidence? Find Out How to Boost It

My joining in a dance group in our university helped a lot in building my confidence. I have always been a shy and timid girl almost throughout high school, only gaining confidence when I was in my third year in high school only to go back being shy and timid when I went to college. But when I joined a dance group and began experiencing center stage, I eventually regained back my lost confidence. I can still remember my first training months at the dance group.

How Tapping the Power of Your Mind Can Supercharge Your Self-Confidence

Search the net or the library or any bookstore and you’ll find so many articles, books, and journals dedicated on personality development.¬†Almost each and every one of these discusses confidence – how to build self-confidence, how to determine signs of lack of self-confidence, etc.¬† There are so many of these, some saying the same things, some contradicting that you wouldn’t know anymore which one to follow.

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Forgive Yourself!

Do you feel like a failure if you don’t eat perfectly or slip back into unhealthy habits? It’s time to forgive yourself.

Improving Low Self Esteem – The First Step Towards Feeling More Confident

It is easier than you think to improve low self esteem and feel more self confident. With a little commitment and a desire to change you really can turn your life around. So, where do you start?

Self Esteem Boosters – 4 Steps to Boosting Self Esteem After a Toxic Relationship

It takes great courage and strength to leave a toxic relationship, and it is important to give yourself the support to help you rebuild a damaged self esteem. Here are 4 steps to boosting your self esteem after a toxic relationship.

Build Self Esteem Using Our Confidence Building Tips

A lack of self esteem and self confidence can effect you in many ways, but thankfully it’s not difficult to build self esteem and to get your life back on track again. You may be unable to assert yourself in certain situations, or you may feel that everyone takes advantage of you. Despair no more. You can easily learn how to build self esteem and self confidence – it’s just a matter of following some easy-to-learn confidence building tips.

3 Practical Ways to a Greater Self-Esteem

Well, let’s get straight into it: no one is perfectly satisfied with themselves, unless they are really enlightened in terms of self-acceptance. The thing that separates people who are happy for themselves and people who are bearing with themselves is indifference.

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Consciousness and Self Esteem

You are what you think you are. Change your thoughts and change your life.

How to Increase Your Self-Confidence

On a scale of 1-10, how much is your self-confidence? A strong sense of self-confidence is critical because it is what leads us to success. Without self-confidence, one can only live in the shadow of one’s true worth and shy away from our greatness. This article teaches you how to bring out the self-confidence in you.

Review Your Self-Esteem – Part One

Learn to criticise your faults but also to praise your attributes. Learn to be confident in your real abilities.

Self Esteem Affirmations – Utilizing the Power of Affirmations Effectively

Would you use self esteem affirmations if you knew they could improve your state of mind? Even if you are not aware of this effective way to raise your self esteem it can still help you. Read more about using self esteem affirmations to raise your self esteem here.

Review Your Self-Esteem – Part Two

Invest in yourself. Take time to consider what is good about yourself. Be honest about yourself.

Self-Esteem – Are You Morally Straight But Mentally Crooked?

You are not going to get anything that you don’t really believe you deserve. It is not enough in life to live morally and ethically. You must also be mentally straight. You must have a positive self-image in order to receive the blessings of life!

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