Sleep Hygiene: How to Sleep Better & Treat Insomnia with CBT-i

Sleep Hygiene: How to Sleep Better & Treat Insomnia with CBT-i

Do You Believe in Yourself? Strengthen Your Self-Perception

Everyone possesses great skills if they only believe in themselves, and these can be improved upon.. Don’t squander your potential by not believing and trusting your intuition. Virtually anything you seriously want to do can be possible if you want it above all else and are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

Fame: Can Being Famous Give Someone A False Sense Of Importance?

Nowadays, it doesn’t take much for someone to be famous, and this has meant that more people are ‘famous’ than ever before. In the past, it was often necessary for someone to have achieved something significant in order to be known by others, but in today’s world, this is no longer the case.

Girl In The Mirror

Ever since I can remember I have known without a doubt that God called me to sing and write music, but it wasn’t until my 7th grade year that I realized how deep that calling would go, and how a few short months of my life at age 13 would forever change the course of the years ahead. Many little girls dream of being a cheerleader – wearing the signature uniform, doing somersaults across the floor of a crowded gym, and smiling brightly at the top of a pyramid. But what happens when you fall from the…

How Peace Flows

How do you sustain happiness, joy, peace? One of the key elements in my life, in my hopes and dreams, in my future plans… is peace. I’m a huge fan of ensuring I not only get peaceful, quiet time each day, but also as I encounter family members, social gatherings, or maybe even just interactions with others. Too quickly I can get caught up trying to ‘keep the peace’. No… there’s no fighting or blatant conflicts occurring… I just have a ‘people pleasing’, tendency and can get lost being flexible, agreeable, and even compromising so much that the Lord’s peace in my life gets dimmer and dimmer. John 7:38 reminds me; “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”, which admonishes me to remain in touch with my core belief and faith in the Lord, His living waters of peace will flow… much better than any efforts I can bring to an encounter with others.

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Who’s Validating You?

The need to be validated is a constant battle for many. Maturity teaches us a lot about validation and being secure in one’s own worth. I am a firm believer of when you learn, teach.

Obstacle Training Builds Self-Confidence

Obstacle training, as seen on American Ninja Warrior, is a wonderful way to workout. Not only can you get in tremendous shape, but you will also build your self-confidence. When you overcome an obstacle in life it can really boost your self-esteem and generate positive momentum.

Looking Perfect: Can Toxic Shame Make Someone Want To Look Perfect?

The mainstream media has been presenting images of people that have been edited for years, and as time has passed, social media has also allowed people to present images that have been edited. As a result of this, someone can go from being manipulated by the media at one point in time, to being the ones who manipulate others at another.

Be You, No One Else Can

You have something special to offer this world that no one else can. All it takes is self-realization and pursuing your passions.

What Determines Your Worth?

How high is your self-worth? Find out if you’re making a common mistake that destroys confidence and self-esteem preventing you from realizing success.

Why Don’t You Just Die?

This article is about suicide. Not driven by mental illness, but driven by an actual satanic attack against your mind.

How to Prevent Stuttering

For many people who may stutter, if you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. For those who may stutter, ask yourself, “Why do you feel you are nervous when speaking aloud?” For anyone who would like to improve their speech is to work on your communication skills and build confidence, speak slowly and look directly at the person as you speak. You need to increase your self-esteem.

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3 Easy Tips to Build Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a tool that will help you achieve the life you want. These 3 easy tips will help you build self-confidence today.

Discovering the Things About Yourself Which You Love the Most

“Learning to love yourself – that is the greatest love of all.” So sang George Benson in his 1977 hit “The Greatest Love of All” – the song that would become a smash hit eight years later for the late Whitney Houston. When it comes right down to it, though, singing about loving yourself is one thing, but actually feeling a certain way is quite another.

Project Self-Worth: How to Increase Your Sense of Self-Esteem

As summed up so importantly by self-esteem researcher Dr. Morris Rosenburg, nothing can be more stressful than lacking the anchor and security of a wholesome sense of self-worth. And yet for many of us, possessing an adequate sense of self-esteem seems to be a mysterious and fleeting state, only allotted with ease to those with a high social, financial or celebrity status.

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