Slow Progress Towards Your Goals Is Never A Reason To Give Up

Slow Progress Towards Your Goals Is Never A Reason To Give Up

5 Tips on Improving Your Self Esteem

Feeling bad about yourself is probably one of the worst feelings imaginable. Here I will try and give some tips on how to build your self esteem from nothing to something that makes you feel better about yourself.

When Stuck For Words in a Crowded Room

I noted something quite bizarre at a very recent industry launch, frequented by a government minister, various industry directors and private consultants. One of the speakers – an inspiration in her own right – took every and all opportunities she had to laud the contributions of others, so much so she was stuck for words.

Being Confident – The Benefits of Self-Esteem

Being confident is something that can be real or not, in other words there are those of us who might want to put out a false illusion to the world that all is well, when really the opposite is true. They can be quite convincing to others and in the end, they start believing it themselves. The benefits of self-esteem on the other hand is there for all to see. A person’s self-esteem is something that can never be faked and a lack of it can have an effect on our overall lives. It creates confidence as a natural occurrence and without the need for any pretense.

Confidence Deficiency?

How’s your confidence level? Have you ever had that moment when your confidence flew out the window? A secret to facing that fear is easier than you think.

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Communication Styles and Boundary Infractions

Do you have rigid or diffuse boundaries? Do you know what is in your best interest? Do you take care of your needs and not allow others to dominate you? In this article, I argue that the way you communicate has a lot to do with the type of boundaries that you have.

How Can a Christian Correctly Aim For High Self Esteem?

Self esteem, the value that a person perceives of themselves, is based on their beliefs and opinions. These beliefs and opinions can be correct, or more often, incorrect, and either view has a direct basis on self esteem.

How to Help Raise Your Husband’s Self Esteem

Is it possible to help your husband with lower self esteem issues? Yes you can! It may not be easy, but it will be well worth the effort.

How to Use Goals For Raising Your Self Esteem

Here is a fantastic tip for helping you raise your self esteem. Boosting your esteem doesn’t have to be difficult.

Put Your Fears Away and Gain Self Confidence

Thousands and thousands of people in the world who are struggling with their fears, with low self esteem, social anxiety, troubles in relationships and they all want the same thing: gain self confidence. Are you one of them?

Are You Struggling With Poor Self-Esteem?

“Something happened in the past that left me feeling inadequate” she said.  I can hear the sadness in her voice, I can feel the pain.

Top 7 Things Every Shy Person Should Understand About the Causes and Effects of Their Shyness
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Let’s talk about what it means to be a shy person and why having this moniker hung on you can be a heavy personal burden to bear. Shyness in general, and especially in youngsters, is a cautionary reaction designed to make you ‘freeze up’ in a sort of protective instinct that goes something like this: “If I just stand here, say nothing and remain invisible, then no harm will come to me… ” For guys especially it can be socially devastating because it makes it virtually impossible for you to undertake that first ‘revealing move’ around women… the sort that can signal your possible romantic interest in her!

What Does a Birthday Magician Have to Do With Self-Esteem?

I know, you might be saying, it’s only a birthday party for a little kid. Okay, remember that when you get Mark-son Clark-son from Zoological Entertainment (which is totally fictional person and company by the way) If you get this fictional character and he insults your child and gets paid for it, shame on you.

10 Effective Bounce-Back Strategies From Failure

In life you will come across situations where no matter how good you are, failure shows up. You need to be able to fall and rise again all the time. It would be a tragedy of after every fall you stayed down forever. Like a ball, you are supposed to bounce back into action.

How to Jump Start Your Self Esteem – What Motivates You?

Do you have lower self esteem? Find out what can help you jump start it!

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