Stop Panic Attacks and Break the Panic Cycle with CBT

Stop Panic Attacks and Break the Panic Cycle with CBT

How to Attract Magic Into Your Life!

I had the privilege of attending my fiance’s President’s Club this past Spring. As always, it was first class in a wonderful location. Every trip needs a wow factor, and this year it was an amazing singer, Ryan Heflin.

3 Tips To Increase Self-Worth

Theme: Merging with Your Sacred Essence Helps you to resolve feelings or emotions, bust the ego and feel connected. Merge & Bust to increase self-worth!

Why Being A Better You Is NOT Always The Best Option

There’s buzz out there as everybody’s talking about personality tests, strengths, weaknesses, self-improvement, and on and on and on. I wonder how long it will take for people to get tired of constantly “fixing’ themselves. Don’t get me wrong. I strongly believe in personal growth. Yet, I also know that many are doing it wrong.

What You Have Is Not Who You Are

What we have is not who we are. That is why many people depend on others to make them rich instead of depending on the source of all wealth. Some of us have made other people our standard and has set a limit to what we are supposed to achieve in life as individuals. There is nothing that anyone can give that you cannot achieve for yourself. So many people have done things that is against their principles because of money or other material things. We have all the potentials and talents to make us rich and God is in the business of making people rich. If we use all our talents and potentials for Him, He will multiply it and give it back to us. Contentment starts from within. If you do not have a high self-esteem and believe in yourself that you can achieve your goals, you will help others achieve theirs and you will fall for anything that comes your way.

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Your Childhood and Believing in Yourself

Believing in yourself can be difficult for many due to past childhood experiences. However, the thought processes you used in childhood are no longer valid for adult life due to a lack of logic. Realizing this is one of the first steps in creating self-belief.

Increase Self-Esteem To Find Happiness and Success

It’s easy to get down on yourself after a setback, such as failing to obtain a position you’ve applied for, failing to get a promotion, being on the rejected end of a relationship, family problems, and many others. John Maxwell in How Successful People Grow says “low self-esteem can cause many people to fail to grow and to reach their potential. Many people don’t believe in themselves.”

Unshackle Yourself From the Shame and Pain of Your Past

For each and every individual who have healed and unshackled their life from the shame and pain of their past, their cathartic trigger to heal came at different points and from different sources. However, the result has always been the same. Something happened to make them realize that their life is worth living and that they are deserving of love, happiness and a fulfilling life. You too are deserving of love, happiness and a fulfilling life.

Growing Unshakable Self-Confidence, Step by Simple Step

Why might someone not have enough confidence in themselves? Usually it’s because they judge themselves unworthy, or they see major disconnects between what they think they’re capable of and what they’re actually doing. The good news is, self confidence can be raised with every new challenge met, no matter how small. In fact, if you will make it a habit to do one thing every single day that is out of your current comfort zone, you will find your confidence immensely improved in just a few short weeks.

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Emotional Stability for You and Your Children During These Turbulent Times

If you were a tree, how confident are you that your root system and the roots of your children (of what ever age) would be deep and strong enough to withstand what life throws at you? This thought-provoking article invites you to develop deeper roots to provide you all with more emotional stability.

I Am Beautiful No Matter What They Say

Beauty, Perception and Everything in Between Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is an oft-used phrase, in discussions of physical aesthetics and arguments as to what makes one woman beautiful and not another.

Who or What Are You Making More Important Than What You Know to Be True for You?

I was recently working with someone who I respect, admire and like. We were discussing something (it is not important what) and I felt judged and I vocalised that. My emotions were running high.

Stop Torturing Yourself!

Wanting to improve yourself is a great thing. But when you go too far or do it for the wrong reasons, it becomes self-torture.

The Greatest Love of All Is Staring Back at You From the Mirror

This article reminds us of how important it is to love ourselves. The way we talk to ourselves directly affects all aspects of our lives.

Part One of A Guide to A More Confident You – Self-Acceptance

When we are less confident we are more susceptible to negative beliefs and negative social influence. Elevate your self-confidence and you’ll be more, think more, give more and contribute more in life.

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