Stop Saying, “It’s Hard”

Stop Saying, "It's Hard"

3 Top Tips to Boost Your Self Esteem

Are you one of the many people looking to boost your self-esteem? Perhaps you are unmotivated or too harsh on yourself, leaving you feeling guilty and lost.

Spreading High Self-Esteem at Your Work

High self-esteem makes everything in life easier – including work. Considering that you will probably spend more hours at work than at home most days of your life, building a high self-esteem at your work place is very important. Having a high self-esteem atmosphere will make your work more fun, more successful and you will have less problematic issues with your colleagues.

Self-Esteem Habits in Your Family

By creating good self-esteem habits in your family you will not only help yourself to maintain a high self-esteem, but you will help your husband/wife and your children to raise their self-esteem too. This will maximize their performance and well-being now and build a good base for maintaining high self-esteem in the future.

Self-Esteem at Christmas

Christmas is approaching and why not use this as an opportunity to raise your self-esteem?! This article presents three suggestions of how to raise your self-esteem before Christmas.

Build a Good Relationship With Yourself Before You Build Relationships With Others

The relationship that you have with yourself (your self-esteem) determines how successful your relationships will be with other people. If the relationship with yourself is full of hate, your relationships with other people will also be coloured by hate. If you are disappointed with yourself, you will most likely be disappointed with others. BUT, if you love yourself you will find love in other people too.

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What Determines Your Level of Self-Esteem?

Each of us has a certain image of ourselves that we would like to achieve. It is the way we want to look, the things we want to have, the way we want to live and behave. We can call it our “ideal-self”. This state is what we refer to when we dream about a type of person we would like to become. Often this refers to our idols that we hold in high respect and would like to emulate.

How Your Previous Relationships Have Affected Your Self-Esteem

As you may already know, your self-esteem strongly influences your relationships with other people. Your level of self-esteem affects who you will attract and fall in love with, and it affects how successful the relationship will be. However, it is not only the case that your self-esteem affects your relationships – your relationships also affect your self-esteem.

What Is The Nice Guy Syndrome?

Is the nice guy syndrome a mental disease? Well, in case you didn’t know, some people who are well acquainted with this issue are telling the health institutions that this should be recognized as a mental disease. I really believe that it’s a mental disease.

How Wide Is Your Comfort Zone?

Do you know how wide your comfort zone is? Truth is, if you aren’t dating the beautiful women that you want, you’re definitely going to have to expand your comfort zone. You will have to do a lot of uncomfortable things at first.

Independence Leads To Confidence

Guess what? Men that have mothers who are control freaks tend to be unsuccessful with women. I really had an epiphany when I heard about this fact.

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Why Some Nice Guys Tend to Turn Into Psychopathic Killers

I see that some of you are surprised. Who do you think is responsible for the Columbine shooting and many other acts of deadly shooting sprees? Yes, many of them are extremely frustrated Nice Guys.

How to Help Your Nice Guy Friend

If you have a friend that you suspect is a Nice Guy and you want to help him, here are some starting tips. First of all, determine if he truly is a Nice Guy. If he gets pushed by people and ignored by women, he is a Nice Guy.

Believing in Me

I was sexually abused as a child, one of my weaknesses from this was that I have not been able to believe in me! This has affected me in all areas of my life, I have not believed I was worthy which has affected me financially as well as in relationships. Today I am exploring this and how to finally believe in my value and who I am as a human being!

Low Self-Esteem = First/Only Child Syndrome?

If you are your parents’ first child or only child there is a possibility that you have been brought up to be a “good child”, a child who always behaves correctly. In other words, you have been praised for doing good things, not for just being a wonderful person. Many people who have been brought up like this develop low self-esteem because they are wired to not feel good enough unless they achieve positive results.

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