Stop Worrying with CBT for Anxiety

Stop Worrying with CBT for Anxiety

Bang Your Own Drum

Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole? Do you feel that people don’t get you and you don’t get them? You might just be different and therefore surrounded by people you’re not meant to be with. If you want to be comfortable with that idea read on…

Everyone Has a Story

It can be easy to fall into the erroneous thinking that we are all mass produced. Know how unique you truly are!

How to Higher Your Level of Self-Esteem

Some people have low self-esteem and there is no reason for it. They can be the nicest people in the whole world and they will have aspects of their life, which means that they have low self-esteem.

Do You Feel the Need to Take a Self-Confidence Test?

Some people can’t tell for sure if their self-confidence level is low or high. One way to determine and know for sure is by taking an online self-confidence test. Alternatively, consulting with a professional will help as well.

Why You Don’t Have To Beat Yourself Up Any Longer

You don’t need to beat yourself up any longer because now you have a way out of yourself, a way out of your self-centeredness and self-absorption that is the cause of most of your guilt, regret and remorse. Now you can stop slapping your forehead and calling yourself an idiot every time you make a mistake. The more you apply TLC to yourself and others the happier you are, and the less pain you feel over past transgressions.

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Peacocks: Transforming Poison Into Nourishment

There is a kind of alchemy that takes place when we are transformed, when the facts of some injury or circumstance in our lives are reinterpreted or reframed. Base metal is rendered into gold. The most troubling affairs can become valuable beyond measure.

Five Awesome Ways to Be Incredibly Self-Confident

Sometimes you feel frustrated with your low self-confidence because you probably think that yours is a hopeless case. Fret not because there are five awesome ways you can try to build your self-confidence.

Family Programming

You have programs that are continually running in the background of your mind. Programs that run your life. They’re commonly called “beliefs” and they control 90% of your conscious thought. Some are good and support you in creating the good life for yourself. Others are detrimental and keep you from having and being what you want. Learn an easy technique for uncovering these sneaky beliefs so you can rid yourself of their negative influence.

How Failure Develops Confidence and Character

The herd, or the crowd, who follow mediocrity see failure as the source of humiliation and shame. But, when we change our perspective on failure, we learn that it develops confidence and character, building our self esteem.

When You Are Down, How Do You Stay Undefeated?

Nothing can drag a person down like an extended period of unemployment. How can we keep believing in ourselves when it seems that no one else does? This article gives some tips on maintaining a positive self image when circumstances are dragging us down.

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Understanding the Reasons for Lack of Self-Confidence

Are certain people born with low self-confidence? If they are, how do they turn things around and get their confidence level up? What caused their low self-confidence in the first place? Read on to understand the reasons why some people lack self-confidence.

Do You Truly LOVE Yourself?

How can anyone be expected to be able to care about others, or nearly anything or anyone, unless he begins by first truly loving himself? Merely using the right rhetoric in an often less than sincere manner, or without committing to beginning with absolutely objective introspection, and discovering that you actually like what you discover, one will never become the best that he can be! Objective introspection means going way beyond a mere exercise, but being strong enough to be willing to take an honest look inwardly!

Benefits of Having Self-Confidence

There’s been a lot of discussion about self-confidence. You can hear it being discussed in school, at home, at work or just about anywhere. And this is because self-confidence is an important element in a person’s life. The lack of it could negatively impact one’s life especially if nothing is done to restore or improve his or her self-confidence.

Turn Your Fear Into Confidence

Do you look at life as a fear or a challenge? Learn how to build your confidence and lose your fear and doubt.

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