Tell Me Your Story, Not Your Status

Tell Me Your Story, Not Your Status

High Self Esteem and Achieving Success

Our self esteem is determined by our basic self image and that image of ourselves is created by many sources of influence. Although that image is usually a done deal in the early years of our lives, it is by no means set in stone. Once we mature beyond the adolescent stage of development we are supposed to have developed the skills and abilities to acquire and maintain a high level of self awareness which in turn will allow us to not only identify negative and limiting behaviors and their underlying beliefs, but also to proactively take the necessary steps to implement appropriate changes. We are after all, the most powerful life form to ever evolve that we currently know of.

How to Get Rid of an Inferiority Complex

Inferiority was originally caused by in confidence. Enhance self-confidence is the most effective way to eliminate the feeling of inferiority. This article will share you some useful methods of building self confidence.

Using Think and Grow Rich to Gain Self Esteem

There is a growing concern among many younger people today that they do not have the skills to approach life and be successful. These young adults seem to suffer collectively from a lack of self-esteem. We have to ask why a whole generation seems to be afraid of their own future.

Can You Stop Being Taken For Granted?

It’s great to be dependable, the person everyone turns to when they need help. But there comes a stage where this turns from a nice thing to the stage where it’s just an expectation. “Oh, they’ll help, no problem”. It’s at that stage that you start to realize that you’re being taken for granted.

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3 Magical Self-Esteem Words

I have three special words that I use to raise my self-esteem. I write about these three magical words every evening before I go to bed. I will tell you what these powerful words are so that you can use them to raise your own self-esteem.

Tips For Raising Self Esteem and Self Confidence

A condition of low self esteem is like a corrosive acid that eats away at our self image until we are paralyzed to act effectively and achieve success of any kind. We find ourselves caught in a downward spiral of negative thoughts and perceptions that feed on themselves and can destroy any chance of happiness or a productive life. But once caught in this spiral is there any way we can turn things around and begin to set ourselves on a more positive and constructive course? Yes there is!

What Are Suspender Belts and Do They Really Boost Your Self Esteem?

Gone are the days when dressing formal was yet another chapter in the lives of workaholics going to office! The present day competitive world has raised its standards making it like a complete book without limiting it to a single chapter in their lives.

How to Use a Self-Esteem Diary

Keeping a self-esteem diary is a great self-esteem exercise that keeps your self-esteem high every day. You will only spend a couple of minutes every day and you will keep focused on the positive aspects of your life and on what you want.

The Link Between Relaxation and Self-Esteem

There is a link between relaxation and self-esteem. Regular moments of relaxation are important for a high self-esteem. The better we get at relaxing, the higher self-esteem we get the opportunity to build.

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New Self-Esteem Diary

If you have read my book The Self-Esteem Toolbox or any of my articles that I’ve written about how to write a self-esteem diary, you probably remember that I used to use the categories “To Develop”, “Good”, “Thank you” and “Help”. As time has passed I have improved and developed my self-esteem diary writing techniques. These days I only write three headings: “Good”, “Thanks” and “Want”.

How Self Esteem Can Help Attract Women

One thing that some guys have a hard time with is self esteem. This can bleed into how they interact with women, and whether or not they can have health relationships. Lets consider this more closely.

Greeting Each Day With Self-Love

Have you called yourself sweetheart today? How you do greet yourself each morning in the mirror? Self-love allows you to see yourself as perfect, whole and complete and open to connection with the world.

Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety – 5 Easy to Use Tips to Reduce Your Shyness

Face it, we’re all shy at times. It’s when this starts to become a habit that the problem sets in – we start to go about our lives with the intent of avoiding people and places where our shyness will show. Try out some of these tips on overcoming shyness and social anxiety.

Tips on How to Build Self Esteem

Having a wholesome self-esteem is very significant to a person’s proficiency to fulfill their aspirations and goals. It is furthermore absolutely crucial to their proficiency to find and sustain wholesome connections with family, associates, and loving partners. Unfortunately, numerous persons bear with a low self-esteem for a broad kind of causes, numerous having their origins in childhood.

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