The 3 Minutes It Takes To Watch This Will Improve Your Conversations Forever

The 3 Minutes It Takes To Watch This Will Improve Your Conversations Forever

Hats Or Labels – Which Are You Wearing?

Years ago I learned that who I was had nothing to do with what I did. Instead, I was so much more than that. Today, instead of labels, I now wear hats.

Confidence Coaching For Young People – 5 Ways to Help Reclaim Your Confidence

What are you like when you are feeling confident? Are you speaking confidently? Or are you constantly playing small and giving your power away?

Build Your Self-Esteem by Capitalizing on Your Strengths

I found out first-hand that an excellent way to boost your self-esteem is to stop wasting your mental energies thinking about the things you can’t do. Instead, focus on doing the things that you’re good at. Most self-empowerment programs and advocates have told us that as long as we set our minds on our goals or what we want to do, the possibilities are endless.

How to Celebrate Life

Since life is a special gift from God, it should be celebrated. Every moment is precious. Do not get upset with the difficulties. We have to struggle with the obstacles to bask in the success. We have to experience some bad times to appreciate the good ones.

What is the Definition of Self-Esteem?

You likely have an idea of a self-esteem definition. A definition of self-esteem could be anything describing feeling bad, or good, about yourself, but this doesn’t really help you feel better does it?

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How to Develop Self Esteem – The 5 Revolutionary Secrets to Turbo Charge Your Success

Building your self esteem can be something that is pretty hard especially if you have one that is very low. People get self esteem issues from the way they are raised. They may not have had parents that told them they looked good, or that they did something very well or even that they loved them.

Confidence Building Strategies – The 5 Secrets You Should Know

Having confidence is a quality that most notice in others within the first few minutes of meeting them. Having confidence can make a person feel better about themselves, be more successful with their job, and in general just have more fun.

How to Get a Confidence Boost – The 5 Revolutionary Ways to Turbo Charge Your Success

Self confidence is a vital part of a person’s mental health. Having low self confidence puts one at risk for a number of other problems in life, and therefore, getting a confidence boost is quite important for anyone who tends to struggle with confidence issues. To be sure, having low self confidence can be the result of a number of factors, and experiencing a confidence boost can take time, together with counseling and positive action, to produce results.

Developing Confidence – Why You Will Never Achieve This

Self confidence is a major necessity that everyone should have in life. Confidence is what gets us that perfect job that we love to go to everyday. It is what makes us want to look our best every time we walk out of our front door.

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High Self Esteem and Inner Peace

If you have low self-esteem, then you feel low, anxious, insecure and unimportant. You may not have realised this before, but if you have high self-esteem, that is, you know inside that you have high value, you will also see others as having high value and this will bring inner peace because you will no longer feel threatened. Conversely, if you want high self-esteem, you can search for inner peace…

Is it Time For a Makeover?

Sometimes we let life get away from all of us. Often times we do not realize how much time has passed. Pretty soon we are stuck with a hairstyle that at one time was popular, but now looks old fashioned and does not turn heads anymore.

The Wounded Introvert

We all have wounds from childhood, some deeper and more life altering than others. Young, inexperienced minds do not have the ability to understand the adult world filled with subtleties and hidden meanings. This inability can easily lead to misinterpretation, faulty beliefs, limiting behaviors and emotional wounds that are carried into adulthood.

The Wounded Introvert – Beginning to Heal With Guided Writing Part 1

Behaviors are products of our belief system. We put them in place to keep ourselves safe at the time of the perceived danger. Sometimes we hang on to these behaviors well after the danger has passed.

Self-Care and Self-Love, Not Just For Valentine’s Day Anymore

It doesn’t take a holiday devoted to love to make you think about love. How do you love yourself?

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