The 48 Laws Of Power – 11 MOST POWERFUL Laws (Ft. Illacertus)

The 48 Laws Of Power  - 11 MOST POWERFUL Laws (Ft. Illacertus)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Who Tells YOU What Beautiful Is?

Most of us grew up hearing the classic fairy tales: Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White. While most boys listened and then went off to play with their cars and action figures, the majority of us girls dreamed of being princesses and happily ever afters. Not once did it ever occur to us that Cinderella had eleven toes on her tiny feet; that Rapunzel got hair extensions to make her ladder of lovely locks; that Sleeping Beauty was actually snoozing at a private hospital in Switzerland getting cosmetic surgery to “preserve” her looks until her prince came along. And I never in a million years thought that Snow White, when coming across the Magic Mirror, would ask, Do I look fat?

Solve Blushing

If you have suffered from blushing like I did, then you’ll be looking for some good quality tips and techniques to stop blushing as quickly and as easily as possible. Here are some techniques I used to cure my blushing and that can hopefully do the same for you.

So What Exactly is Self Esteem?

I was watching the latest episode of Lost this week. Myles grabbed Hurley’s notebook to find he was writing the script to Empire Strikes Back. He planned to send it to George Lucas since the Lost crew had gone back in time, it was 1977, after A New Hope but before the sequel. Hurley with hindsight thought he knew the improvement to make Empire Strikes Back even better than it was.

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If You’re Going to Compare, Just Play Fair

Human nature is just full of comparisons that can drive a person to feel really bad about himself or herself? Just walking into an art gallery can trigger the comparison tool in the brain. This comparison feature is inevitable in some of us and can create havoc, not to mention the negative statements we make to ourselves. But are there really some rules that can help us ease the discomfort whether comparing skills, appearances, or even smarts?

How ADD and ADHD Impacts Self-Esteem

ADD/ADHD is sometimes called a “hidden disability.” It seems that most people are not readily aware of our ADD/ADHD. Our disability has its roots in biology as well as behavior, and half the time, we don’t even understand why we act the way we do!

For Midlife Women in Transition – Self-Esteem – What it is and How to Develop It – Part Five

 This series of articles has focused on how you can create or strengthen your self-esteem. As a psychotherapist and a specialist in development for many years, I have drawn from research on how self-esteem grows in children to provide you with principles that serve as building blocks for self-esteem in adulthood. The first three building blocks of self esteem are: fostering and growing your connection to self, family, community, world and the spiritual realm (God, Universe, Art, Nature); discovering and honoring your own uniqueness; and developing your personal power.

Creating Your Ideal Life With Enhanced Self-Confidence

The number one way to start creating your ideal life? Building enhanced self-confidence.

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Low Self-Esteem – How You Can Improve and Change It

Do you have low self-esteem? It’s an increasingly common problem, and one blamed for all kinds of serious consequences. Yet the way most people think about the problem makes it worse rather than better. In this article, I’ll explain why and what you can do about it.

Generate a Healthy Self Esteem – 3 Quick Tips

Your sense of worth is directly linked to your ability to succeed. Do not under value your worth or under estimate your potential to succeed in life. All is possible. Do not despair, all is not lost.

Raising Your Self Esteem

Let’s face it…a lot of us have suffered or suffer from low self esteem. I went through this and got out of it. Years back I was in the same situation. Hating myself, and not succeeding at anything. In this article I will give you the keys and also the tools to get you out of it.

Taking Action Leads to You Doing What You Dream Of, High Self-Esteem

Taking action is what high self-esteem is all about. I know you sit there drooling in awe of someone who has the ability to do what you want to do. Maybe it is your friend who has no fear in approach a woman. Maybe it is another friend who is always first up to do the karaoke.

What You Say to Yourself Matters

Just how wonderful are you? We are told that the average person thinks about 70,000 thoughts everyday. That may not be all that interesting to you, however what might be is that tomorrow that person will think about 95% of the same thoughts over again. If thoughts reflect the appearance of our reality, paying some mind to what thoughts we entertain could be of some real value. We might choose to at least give up the ones that hold us back. Allow me to share with you some ways to accomplish this.

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For Midlife Women in Transition – Self-Esteem – What it is and How to Develop It – Part Four

 In the first article of this series on self esteem, I gave a definition of self-esteem and an exercise that worked on your self-critical internal and external speech. In the second and third articles, I began looking at the building blocks of self-esteem that come from the research on how self-esteem develops in children. The first building block of self-esteem is a sense of feeling connected (which ranges from the self to the spiritual realm) and the second is a sense of one’s own uniqueness.

A Romantic Relationship and Your Self Esteem

I see people damaging their self-esteem all the time in relationships. I was there once myself. You so desperately want to find someone to love, you will do no matter want to make that person love you. I have some news for you though. You cannot force love.

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