The BEST (No Degree Required) CAREER

The BEST (No Degree Required) CAREER

Life is Fair, Don’t Let Them Fool You

Yes you read that right, life is fair. Who ever said life was unfair lied to us. The idea that life is fair is freeing, we can move on knowing the gods are all on our side, they are there, when we are ready to use their friendship. We can create as much joy as we like, no matter who we are, we can reach for better feeling thoughts from now until the end of time. No matter how good looking we are, how wealthy we are, or how ill we are no matter how ‘bad’ we have been, we can think better feeling thoughts. Now that’s unfair isn’t it?

The Comparitive and Competitive Disadvantage

The power of ego and comparison can be extremely self-destructive in holding us back. By letting go of the need to be better you will find peace of mind that allows you sail through life effortlessly.

The Key to Financial Freedom For Artists, Actors, Writers & Musicians

Well-meaning, yet woefully misguided, advice from parents, teachers and other loved ones such as “You’ll never make a living as an artist” has become the foundational belief and mantra of the artist’s Inner Critic. What’s worse is that this also woefully misguided Inner Critic loves to be right and will make sure that you do, or not do, what it takes to keep this foundational belief in place.

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Self Esteem and Your Diet

Do you have self-esteem? If you don’t love yourself and the body you have right now you are dooming your diet to failure. Why do I say this? Because coming to love your current body, will lead to inner-peace. Inner-peace will help you get past those bumps in the diet road.

Your Self-Talk – Is it a Friend Or Foe? Part 2 – Patterns of Negative Self-Talk

As I pointed out in the first article in this series, developing internal speech- or self-talk – is a necessary component in your maturation and helps you to become self-reflective and self-regulating. Unfortunately, as a result of many familial, societal and cultural factors, you can learn negative self-talk. Negative self-talk erodes your self-confidence and can keep you from being who you want to be and from doing and having the things you desire.

Inject Some Confidence Boosters in You

You need to start focusing on the things that make you a great person and this can be anything from how well your hair sits on your head to how well you can drink a beer in under 5 seconds. It can be anything and everything and what you need to do is to focus on these things and get that natural confident glow back.

Confidence Building Exercises to Sweat Out Your Moping Self

The definition of someone who mopes is really someone who is dragging their feet all over the place, with no self-confidence, believing that the world is better off without them and finally convincing himself or herself that they are worth as much as bag of money with the bottom ripped open. Surely, you have seen or met this person before, and it seems that a dark cloud seems to follow them where ever they go.

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Self Esteem Tips – 5 Ways to Get Going

The first step that you need to take is to know that you have self esteem issues in the first place and this can be the hardest thing for you to do. Admitting that you have lost some of your confidence and that you need to do something about it can be a hard fact to swallow but you need to start listening to what people close to you are saying about you and one of the most important things you need to understand is that it is their advice that will be the alert you need.

How To Tell If You Have Low Self Esteem and What to Do About it If You Do

People with low self-esteem have a low estimation of their inherent worth. They tend to see themselves as inadequate, incompetent, unworthy, less than others, and unlovable. Low self-esteem is closely related to low self-efficacy. Self-efficacy means that you have power to produce effects.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem is Easy With a Binaural Beats Download

Overcoming low self esteem is difficult to accomplish without making changes to root out the negativity in your subconscious mind. The subconscious controls nearly 90% of our daily activities and it must be reprogrammed in order to truly improve self confidence. Accessing the subconscious mind with meditation while listening to binaural beats download is an easy and convenient method. A free sample is available for you to experience a binaural beats download.

Cultural Disowning of Introversion

First of all let’s define the terms introversion and extroversion. Introversion is the act of directing one’s attention inward or to things within the self, like thoughts and feelings, rather than the external environment. Extroversion is the opposite.

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Five Ways to Develop Self Esteem in Others

85% of your happiness will come from your relationships with other people and the quality of your relations with others is totally dependent upon your ability to communicate with them. The key to peak performance in the workplace is that people feel good about themselves and self esteem is the key to effectiveness in the workplace.

Get Powerful Self Esteem Help With Brainwave Entrainment

Getting self esteem help by sheer will power and self talk is rarely effective for a long period of time. Changes have to be made in the subconscious mind to have a lasting effect. An easy and convenient way to do this is through mediation with the assist of brainwave entrainment.

Charisma – How to Project it With Ease

Charisma or spiritual grace is the uncanny power to inspire devotion, respect and enthusiasm. It is the ability to get people to support your ideas and think along your line of thought, without any resistance.

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