The Complete Guide to Developing Your Focus

The Complete Guide to Developing Your Focus

How To Tell If You Have Low Self-Esteem

When someone has low self-esteem they are unwilling to place themselves in unfamiliar situations. They are therefore unlikely to go to a professional and ask for a self-esteem assessment. Subsequently, the internet is very beneficial to them, as they are able to gain access to information regarding self-esteem and the ways of measuring and assessing their self-esteem in a private setting.

Have You Ever Worked With a Difficult, Dominating Person?

My issue is that I work with someone who is always micro-managing me and always questioning me. After 10 yrs., this person still doesn’t appear to trust me to make good decisions, and I know my decisions are perfect decisions. I can’t really change jobs at my age, and for that matter, there aren’t that many jobs. SO, how do I keep my sanity, perspective, and identity without sacrificing my value and still work effectively?

Power Tips on Building Self Confidence

If you are among those who lack confidence, then building self confidence should be your goal. Self confidence is very important and necessary if you want to survive in today’s society. Self confidence is needed in every field whether you are a sportsperson or a student. Building self confidence is necessary for both personality development as well as self-development. As said by a great personality “If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started”. It is very easy to lose confidence but very hard to build self-confidence. Everyone wants to be successful in their life which is possible only if they have faith in themselves.

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How To Communicate With Confidence

Something that all great communicators have in common is that everyone listens when they speak. However, communication happens to be one of the biggest fears that many people have, especially public speaking. In fact, people are more fearful of public speaking than death! Have you ever wondered why people do not listen to you even though you have good ideas to share? Read on, this is an article for you.

You Are Unbeatable

God has designed you to be unbeatable, to conquer those things in our life that have become obstacles. He made us more than overcomers because of the blood of Jesus. When we step up to the plate; God will strengthen us in everything that we do and desire to accomplish.

My Darkest Night

“When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability..”

Living In A Dysfunctional Family? What Are The Signs?

Parents are the primal unit of a family. However, because of a parent’s lack of emotional maturity, their behaviours can result in the creation of a functional or dysfunctional family unit. Dysfunctional families take many forms. When individuals hear the term dysfunctional they may automatically think domestic violence or sexual abuse or child abuse. However, those are some of the obvious cases. Unfortunately, individuals tend to believe that because their family is not like that then they do not have a dysfunctional family. That however maybe not be the case. Before a family gets to the physical abuse, there has to exist emotional abuse. What some individuals may not be aware of is that emotional abuse within a family unit can exist for years without it becoming physical abuse.

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Tips on Self Worth

Every person has specific gifts, talents and strengths. Incredibly, many actually spend their entire lives trying to change the way they were made. Too many people overvalue what they are not and under value what they are

The Building Blocks of Self Confidence

In order to do well in life all of us need self-confidence. This is what gives of the courage to take on difficult situations, but those that lack self-confidence will often crumble in the midst of challenges. Of course, the question is, how do you get this self-confidence? You can achieve self-confidence by defining your priorities and tasks correctly. The next step is asking yourself how you will achieve the tasks at hand.

Building Self Confidence From the Ground Up

Someone who is confident often gets what he/she wants. Someone who lacks confidence, often is ignored. It is my belief that we all have confidence within us; it’s just a matter of realizing it and bringing it out.

Bullying – Are We Looking In The Wrong Direction For The Solution To Childhood Bullying?

Childhood bullying destroys self-esteem and lives, yet we look in a wrong direction for the solution that may be incorrect. What would you say if I told you the problem does not lie with the bully or the victim? Read this article to learn more about a potential solution to bullying.

The Endless Pursuit of Self Esteem – Part 1

We are constantly pursuing higher self esteem. This article shows how our self esteem is implicitly affected by our interaction with people and society. Our self esteem is often shaped by what others perceive of us and expect of us, and how we are able to react to these expectations. We can choose to continue in this race for greater value or we can choose to believe in ourselves, follow our hearts and be just who we are.

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Effective Secrets in Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Low confidence and self esteem dramatically reduces your chances of true happiness and success in life. The negative emotions they create prevent you from growing, evolving and achieving your goals. Uncover the secrets to a more fulfilling and successful life through building self confidence and self esteem.

Don’t Strive for Perfection, Just Be Authentic!

Don’t try to be perfect, just be authentic! What do I mean by that? Well how often do we berate ourselves for getting something wrong?

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