A Simple, Yet Proven Way to Improve Yourself Confidence

I truly believe that everyone wants to be a confident person in some capacity. Maybe it is in business where you want to attract more customers. Or maybe you just want to feel good about being yourself. No matter what your goal is this article will show you a proven way to improve your confidence right away!

All You Can Do is Protest, You Cannot Stop

I recently wrote an article about activists and protesters and the law of attraction; unfortunately few people afforded themselves the opportunity to discover something that might make their wishes and dreams move closer to reality. I thought why is that the case? Surely the energies devoted to fighting the ‘good fight’ warranted a look at every insight that might prove to advance their cause would be worthwhile. Then I realized there was a bit of protesting going on inside of me.

2 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

When you get to the point where you have low or no esteem, you need a boost. How do you get out of the rut? How long do these low points last? All good questions and there are good answers.

Some Brief Tips on How to Gain Self Confidence

Being sure I can have a very negative impact on your life. It can shut you out of relationships and a number of other social events and it can even damage your overall productivity.

Assertiveness Versus Aggressiveness

In my many years of experience as a coach, I observed one interesting thing. 9 out of 10 clients have issues with their self-esteem and self-confidence. Some of them display signs of the fact early on in the process. Others manage (with years of practice!) to hide their insecurities so deep, that only a very thorough and deliberate process can bring it out. However, once it has been established that indeed work on building self confidence needs to be done, the coach’s work can begin.

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Love Your Body Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Why do you Love your Body? Do you love your body because it houses your magnificent soul? Or because it enables you to experience the richness of life? If you do not love your body, why not? The challenge most women face around loving their body is the cultural conditioning around the ideal body for women. It is a distortion of reality that ends up creating a situation where women feel inadequate. Learn 10 tips to help you Love your Body!

Caught in the Low Self-Esteem Game

Low self-esteem is a game you play. It is a cruel game that you cannot win for one simple fact. It is not your game to play. The reason you have low self-esteem is you keep getting involved in game where the rules are set by other people where you can never win. Each failure gives you more reason to feel bad about yourself.

The Art of Self Love

Self loathing limits our ability to better ourselves and our lives. It allows us to settle for less than what we deserve and it results in bad choices and bad relationships.

A New Way to Influence Your Level of Self-Esteem

From the moment you are born your self-esteem starts to take shape as it is influence by everything surrounding you. I looked at six areas of my life that shaped my often low self-esteem as a child to what has formed my rock solid level of self-esteem today.

What is Your Self-Concept and Self-Image?
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Many people do not understand self-concept and self-image. In fact, self-concept and self-image are not the same. If you’re struggling with your self-image, it may help if some light is shed on self-concept and self-image.

1 of 3 Biggest Obstacles That Keep Plus Size Women From Looking Their Best

Plus size women face many challenges, but are often misunderstood. There are 3 main obstacles that keep plus size women from looking their best. This article explains the first of the three. This is a delicate subject, but research has shown, if plus size women can conquer and endure these three topics, their lives will be improved. In my opinion, one of the most important element of being a plus size women is having the highest self-esteem possible. If your self-esteem is of value to you, and this value is shown through out your life, others will respect the same value.

The Foundation of Self-Esteem

In my ongoing study of human behavior I have a lot of discussions with people about self-esteem and how it plays such a significant role in our lives. Everyone knows that it’s better to have good self-esteem vs. bad, yet what is amazing to me is how few people understand what exactly self-esteem actually is.

Awakening Your Divine Self

What does it mean to “honor one’s Self”? What I hope to impart today is the understanding that to honor one’s Self is to honor the Truth of who we are and to embrace a level of Self-worth and Self-acceptance from deep within.

How to Project Confidence
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The confidence that you have is an important factor of your well being, this means you need confidence to get through life. Throughout your life, you will find hardships and plenty of ways that can knock down your confidence levels.

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