The Ivy Lee Method: A 100-year old Routine for Stress-Free Productivity

The Ivy Lee Method: A 100-year old Routine for Stress-Free Productivity

Become More Resilient: Focus on What Works

When the going gets tough and you have lost your bounce, it is easy to think only of what is difficult and what is going wrong. Resilient people have learned to focus on positive thoughts to build up their self esteem and energy. It doesn’t mean being unrealistic or denying reality. It just means you cope better. Here are some tools that help. At the end of each day take time out to think through what went well so you wake up in a more positive state to tackle the following day.

Look Thinner – NO Diet

We all know we should never miss breakfast and that it’s the most important meal of the day. Remember your fruit and veggies – 5 portions a day. Drink loads of water, don’t eat junk food and so on…. But when you fail to do some or all of the above don’t despair, here are some great tips to make you look great regardless.

Do You Struggle With Pricing Your Work?

Are you charging what your work is worth or do you lack confidence in this area, why would you struggle with pricing your work? If you are sincere with what you put out there and you are giving good value, then it is worthy of a good price.

If You Never Have, You Should

“If you never have, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” (Dr. Seuss) What is something you would love to do, but haven’t yet? How about something you want to try, but just haven’t gotten around to? Or something you’ve always dreamed about experiencing, but haven’t quite done it yet? Well, you now have permission to go do these things! It’s ok to have fun, to play, to try new experiences, to dare yourself….in fact, it’s really good for you.

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Why Esteem is Important to Experience True Love

Heightened esteem guards against over indulgence in any exploit that may be damaging to ones vitality. It also protects you from attracting adverse relationships where you may be hurt physically assuring you attract like-minded spiritual gentle people instead. Esteem is to life as water is to the sea and salt is to the sea as love is to thee. It is a misconception to believe that if we find love then we shall also find happiness but you see if we do not have it to begin with it is nigh on impossible to find it elsewhere. All things commence within and with…

Will Self Esteem Lessons Help You?

Do you ever look at the people around you and wonder why they are so full of confidence, so bright and cheery, and so positive in the face of non-stop setbacks? Unfortunately, most of us aren’t given any self esteem lessons in school.

Self Esteem Exercises: Boost Your Confidence Now!

Most women suffer from low self esteem. Here are some ways to combat feelings of doubt and hatred towards your self and your body.

Building Self Esteem

Self-esteem can be said to be the view one has of the self. Self-confidence and self-esteem are interrelated and interdependent.

Self-Esteem – Are Your Children Getting the Best Possible Start?

We look into their eyes for the first time and we melt! Our hearts beat faster and we make silent promises to protect them forever, we are in love. And we do love our children, no matter who we are and what we may have been through we want to do our best for them and even though our best may be questionable at times that is exactly what we do. The best with what we have, the best based on what we have learned and the best according to the degree with which we are able to love ourselves.

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Get Self Confidence From Within

Developing self confidence is vital when tackling the issue of low self worth. Especially if the person has been that way for a long time.

What Is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

To raise your self-esteem you need to develop self-awareness. You can only do this if you learn to listen to your own body.

Why Are We Afraid Of Change – Low Esteem?

The path we have walked for decades is proving to be very unsettled, so is this a hint we need to embrace change or what? History repeats incessantly but still we retain the familiar unless some group or other initiates such a revolutionary effect that we cannot help but be swept along with the tide. Low self-esteem is the key to fear of failure but it may also be accompanied by a lack of support from important sources. How many industries have never left the kitchen table because one or other in the circle did not want to…

Building Your Self Esteem: How To Do It Effectively So That It Will Last!

Self-esteem is an important quality to have in order to function in your world. It is essential to feel good about yourself in every way in order to take on life and win! In order to build your self-esteem, you must nurture yourself, including your health and your spirit. You must believe in your capability to do whatever you choose to do, and that you can perform well at all times.

Face Your Fears to Raise Your Self-Esteem
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Both people with high self-esteem and people with low self-esteem have fears. The difference lies in how they face these fears.

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