The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You

The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You

4 Methods For Boosting Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem isn’t your fault. Let’s face it, you don’t wake up one morning and say to yourself; ‘From here on, I’m going to be as unpleasant to myself as I possibly can. I’ll make myself into a crawling worm of a person.’

2 Simple Ways To Become More Confident

If you need to become more confident, you have probably been given numerous bits of advice. But here are two things that you may not have thought of.

Interview Regarding How to Gain Massive Self Confidence

Question: Tell me one thing you’ve done to help improve your self confidence so you can become the person you are supposed to be? Answer: Honestly, my favorite technique is to stay completely focused on my strengths.

When Self Esteem Gets Low

Generally, the most common factor that causes low self-esteem in adult and children is sexual abuse. Most of the individuals that were abused, either as a child or an adult definitely develop low self-esteem at some point in their life.

Would You Like To Improve Your Self Esteem?

What is low self-esteem, anyway? What’s self-esteem, if it comes to that? Well, the latter is how you perceive yourself, so the former means that you have a false perception of yourself. On the other hand, self-esteem doesn’t mean loving yourself unconditionally. People with a healthy self-esteem are still governed by their conscience.

What Reinventing Yourself Can Do For You
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Everyone is an individual and has individual needs to survive, understanding these individual needs is the key to building lasting relationship, improving our outlook, and keeping our individual shells shiny for all to see and admire. It is NOT egotistical to think you are great, it is an essential part of life know and maintain that fact.

Weight Can Make You Happy

I have always been very careful not to blindly accept the general beliefs of the mainstream current thought forms of my I have always been very careful not to blindly accept the general beliefs of the mainstream current thought forms of my culture. When I observe everyone doing something I am cautious about following in their footsteps.

Authentically You – How and Why You Should Just Be Yourself

Why would you need support to be authentic? Well, the more I hear the idea discussed the more I consider that an essential part of being authentic is being missed. What if you have lost touch with your authentic self? Perhaps old messages to you were strong either from family or society, about who you should be can make it is all too easy to lose a clear view of self.

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

The theory of multiple intelligences-first presented in the 1980’s by Howard Gardner-proposes that human beings have multiple intelligences. To understand the theory, think of the intelligences as “learning styles” that are genetic as well as cultural. There are eight intelligences.

One of the Best Ways to Feel Good Is to Wear Clothes That Fit
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If you feel that you are overweight, the easiest way to reinforce that opinion in yourself and in others is to wear clothes that don’t fit. When you stop trying to fit into someone else’s shape and find what works well with your body you will feel better about yourself, will look better to others, and be happier.

Why Confidence Hypnosis Is Like Putting a Band-Aid on a Gunshot Wound

Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully effective tool for many issues, however when it comes to confidence hypnosis, it doesn’t work for everyone. Low self esteem and low confidence is so deep-rooted and the causes are so diverse – in fact, unique to each individual – that it is impossible to be certain of the true reason for it. Here are three points to bear in mind before considering confidence hypnosis in order to get the most out of it, along with alternative options.

How to Overcome What People Think of You

Most people always remain on tenterhooks worrying on the impression they create on others by their appearance, actions and words. The constant fear of rejection from the group makes such people perform every deed to align to the views of the larger group…

The Pluses And Minuses Of Being More Social

What are the good and bad points of being more social. Ready? Then let’s start.

Power Part 3: Boosting Your Confidence

All of us have different natural levels of confidence and self-confidence. Some are able to learn how to be more confident quicker than others and some need a force of encouragement. In order to boost confidence we must first of all understand what it is. What Is Confidence? In the simplest form possible confidence is how we react in new situations; this can be anything from job interviews right down to meeting new people and dating. ‘Confident’ people will keep their cool whereas shyer people will ‘fold under pressure’. In order to work on it we need to also work on our self-esteem…

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