The New Rich – The Four Hour Workweek

The New Rich - The Four Hour Workweek

Breaking Orbit

How to change the ‘orbit’ of your old life. Breaking out is hard, but worth it.

Be a Man (Or a Woman)

What’s worth doing in life? ‘Be a man’ and step up to give life what you can offer.

How to Gain Confidence – 4 Tips to Start Changing Your Life

How to gain confidence and start to change your life. And it’s as easy as following these 4 simple tips.

Guarantee 3 Compliments Every Day

Would you like to guarantee yourself at least 3 compliments every day? Do you find yourself complimenting others on the way they look but don’t seem to receive as many compliments back? How would you like to change that and guarantee that you receive at least 3 compliments every day? You can: by training as an Image Consultant. Everywhere you go you will receive a compliment on how you look. Your confidence will be sky high!

Is Your Walk Telling Your Story Or Someone Else’s?

Many people are under the impression that their walk is reflective of who they are and that cannot be changed. I disagree with that concept. I believe if you want to change you can. Let me give you some reasons a change might be in order for you.

Beauty – The Cold Hard Myth

Isn’t it ironic that the subject of beauty and age doesn’t itself suffer from ‘getting old’? My cat is old, my dogs are getting old, (my husband is older than I am though not by much) and I’ve got a date with 50 in late ’09.

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A Poor Reaction to Stress at Work Leads to Low Self-Esteem

With the threat of redundancies in the air and about 20% of workers worried about being unemployed, it is not a surprise many people are feeling low. Some companies stopped Christmas parties and even held back bonuses just to survive. Companies are expecting their workers to work harder with less resource for more money. You cannot blame people for being angry about this.

What If This is Who You Really Are?

Are you abusing yourself with too much self-improvement? Find self acceptance and relax.

What Stops You From Being Sure of Yourself?

Your self esteem has the biggest impact on any decision you make, whatever path you choose. You need to ask yourself why has your self-esteem got so low; social isolation, bad relationships, bullies, no direction or just conflict wherever you go.

It’s Nothing But Fearless Courage And We’ve All Got Some!

There’s no deep research or psychologist couch or subliminal tape or any of those ‘out there’ tools and ways and means needed in order for us to develop an unshakable self image and rock solid self esteem. That’s because we already have all that we need in order to become as fearless as a lion.

Protecting Your Ego

Years ago at a family reunion picnic the day was ending with a baseball game. People were choosing up sides and when it was my turn I was quick to say, “no thanks, I’m not very athletic.” I didn’t just decline I continued to elaborate my excuse saying as a child I was never encouraged to play sports and had no physical fitness class in school so I never developed any athletic skills.

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How to Love and Be Loving to Yourself

As we begin the New Year, we are faced with a spirit of rejuvenation. Another opportunity to create the life we desire. But how do you go about creating the life you desire?

Improve Self Confidence Review – The Lazy Way to Improve Self Confidence?

Have you ever been embarrassed trying to speak in front of a group because you could not utter a single word or your heart beat was raising like an express train and your voice became shaky? Are you always concerned about what others might be thinking about you or what you say and do? If yes, then you are sadly lacking self confidence.

At Last – How to Overcome Your Inferiority Complex

Your environment can massively impact on your self-esteem in terms of how much appreciation you are shown. Do you get support from your family, your friends or your colleagues? If not, maybe you should look at yourself. Do you give them appreciation in the first place? You reap what you sow after all.

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