The Power of Positive Thinking | Brian Tracy

The Power of Positive Thinking | Brian Tracy

Falling In Love With Yourself

It is thought that the most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. This rings true for me. If you feel good about yourself then the chances are that this will be reflected back to you in your relationships with others.

Believe in Yourself

Self-acceptance and listening to that inner voice is what sums up believe in oneself. The question is “how do you go about believing in yourself to the degree of allowing creative success?” I confidently offer that it would take changing your thought process and realigning the image that others have placed upon you. All of us were given the belief system of other people at the time of birth; whether it is a parent, grandparent or friend.

Self-Confidence Lesson Plan

Boosting self-confidence is very important. So here are some simple tips to improve on it.

Self Esteem – Dissociation – Becoming the Observer

Let me ask you a question. If you feel bad about something why to you repeat it? Feeling upset or down once I would believe is enough. Self Esteem deals with our thoughts, feeling and attitudes about our “self.”

All We Need is Love

It seem relationships are a hot topic. Not just now, but all the time. People either want to better their current relationship or find one all together. I heard said one time that if our problems were because of someone else, we would go broke sending them to therapy! To have a great relationship with significant others all the way to co-workers you have to start with yourself first. How do you know if you have a good relationship with yourself? Well just ask yourself this, do you treat yourself the way you would want other people to treat you?

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7 Tips For Improving Self Confidence

Self confidence always seems to leave you when you most need it. Follow these tips for improving your self confidence.

Dyslexia Types – Differences Between Dysphonetic and Dyseidetic Dyslexia

Dyslexia can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it. Since 95% of adult dyslexics are unaware of their condition, it continues to plague them and its negative aspects do great damage to their self-esteem. To better understand dyslexia it is important to know the broad classifications and their differences. This article is another in a series about types of dyslexia, designed to clarify the differences among dyslexia types for you.

How to Build Unshakable Confidence

It doesn’t matter if you are in America, England or in anywhere in Asia, this skill will serve you endlessly. You may have to make a presentation in front of a room full of people or may be you want to talk to that someone special. You need unshakable confidence to go through these situations. Today life demands this, only confident people rise to challenges and succeed.

Self Esteem – How to Improve Self Esteem Today

Take this simple test to see if you have problems with low self esteem. 1) Do you think that other people have better clothes, jobs, cars, or relationships than you do? 2) When someone tells you they love your outfit, do you say to yourself “Yeah Right!”

If You Can Create It You Can Change It

Some people believe that they are situated in circumstances that they can not change. That belief is far from the truth. The truth is anything that we can create we can change. Realities are only realities because that is exactly what we had created.

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How to Deal With Rejection in the Workplace

Rejection in the workplace can come in many guises. You may be rejected at interview stage by a potential employer, you might feel like your current boss isn’t listening to you and that your ideas and thoughts aren’t being taken seriously, you might have been turned down for promotion or you might be being given the cold-shoulder by your co-workers.

What’s the Real Meaning of a Gift? Avoiding the Post-Christmas Blues

Have you experienced post-holiday gift stress? Worried about paying the credit card bills? Read on for the REAL meaning behind gift giving and stop the stress!

Falling In Love With Yourself

You send Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends to let them know just how important they are to you, and how much you love them. But have you ever said those things to yourself? Nurturing, caring, encouraging, supportive, kind, complimentary – we’re all these things with people we love. We’re focused on helping them achieve their dreams and goals, and quick to reassure them when things go wrong that it’s not all their fault.

How to Move Through Transition

Have you ever been in the middle of change, and felt like you had one foot across the stream, and the other still behind you? The fear of leaping seems to hold you there, frozen in time. I ask my self, “How do I move through transition?”

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