The Powerful Lessons Most People Learn Too Late in Life

The Powerful Lessons Most People Learn Too Late in Life

Why It’s So Hard to Increase Self-Confidence

I want to start with a big picture question. Why do I plan to be confident, then don’t feel confident?

Nip Bullying on the Head

Have you ever been bullied needlessly? Do you have a difficult time to tell bullies to stop? Are you bullied a lot?

Name Calling – How to Stop It

If we can somehow control our temper and stop calling other people names, we can lead by example. Are YOU setting a good example to your kids and family?

Improve Your Self Confidence by Dressing Up

Do you roll out of bed in the morning and throw on any old thing? Do you then just make it through the day not wanting to leave your house? Well, one way to improve your self confidence and make you feel better about yourself is to throw on some nice clothes.

3 Tips For Waking Up Your Self Confidence

If you want to be more confident as a person about your self worth and the way you value your own opinion then you need to try these three things: 1) be grateful, 2) be complimentary, and 3) speak up. What does it mean to be grateful? Take time each and every day to reflect on your life.

Gaining Confidence and Overcoming Low Self Esteem

Having low self-esteem can be a crushing debilitating condition. In today’s culture it seems to be that everybody is exuding confidence from every pore. The fact is this is far from the truth, we all have doubts, worries and fears that can hinder our natural ability and potential.

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Step #1 to Workplace Relations

Your positive self-image is important. It is impossible to feel good when you don’t feel good about yourself. Attracting health, wealth and love are all on the same frequency of thought energy, as feeling good. The opposite, sickness, lack and loneliness are on the same frequency of negative thinking.

How to Stop Living in the Eyes of Other People

This post will discuss how being the person that others want you to be is pointless and unnecessary. I hope this post helps you out.

Improving Self Confidence – 3 Surefire Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

Most people today are suffering from a lack of self confidence, which is sometimes referred to as low self esteem. It’s almost an epidemic in modern day living. You may not realize it, but self confidence affects your daily life in so many unsurprising ways.

The Way Confidence Works

Confidence is a word that is abundantly used today and success is purported to originate from it. In fact, it is true to say that there are very few occasions, if any, where a lack of confidence is considered to be an advantage. To be able to assert yourself in the world and find your niche, is the way confidence works.

How to Help Your Friend With Her Lack of Confidence and Low Self Esteem Issues

It’s girls night out and you and your best friend are ready for a night of magic and fun. A night of laughter, great conversation and all the usual stuff that girls do when they enjoy each others company and their friendship. What you’re not looking forward to — is your friend’s constant negative interpretation of herself and her life. Her self esteem was so low it had gone through the floor and was buried somewhere in a deep, dark bottom less pit.

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You Can Build Self-Esteem One Small Step at a Time

Building self-esteem is very difficult for girls in our culture because from a very early age, we are always made to feel inadequate in our family of origin, by our peers, and by our culture. This article offers tips on what you can do today to build self-esteem.

Self Esteem – How to Earn it Back in Difficult Situations

Self esteem they say is like a fragile blossom – no one can give it back to you once it is gone. It is the most important thing that you have an ownership on. The more you have a respect for yourself, the more you get the respect from others. Try mixing with the right group of people and keep moving in the right direction.

Why Are You Settling?

We influence our life’s experience through the choices we make. If you think about it, there is no such thing as a small choice. Every decision we make has a consequence.

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