The Pursuit Of Status How To Avoid Chasing The Wrong Things

The Pursuit Of Status How To Avoid Chasing The Wrong Things

Ten Steps for Making A Great First Impression

Whether we realise it or not we are always making an impression on the people that we meet. Sometimes, if we are meeting a special person or we’re attending an important meeting, we may want to make a great impression – not just a good one. If you follow these ten steps you will make a great first impression.

10 Daily Rituals To Increase Your Confidence

How about achieving more happiness and success in your health, personal life, relationships, career or finances? What stands in your way of achieving more happiness and success in these areas? By having more confidence in these areas, you give yourself the best opportunity to achieve more lasting happiness and success.

Helping You To Thin Out The Clutter Surrounding Self Help Audio Programs

Self help audio programs are on the top of the list of the programs which usually find a great deal popularity, when you look at the various programs which are available online. Self help are developed by many different people who consecutively have their programs endorsed by many different, more famous people.

How to Stop Blushing

There are plenty of reasons why people blush. We blush when we’re embarrassed, when we’re excited especially if you saw someone whom you like, when someone pays close attention to us, and many more. For some people, this phenomenon is normal but for others they find blushing as a curse particularly to shy people or to people who blush easily. For a person who blushes easily, they become to dread any social functions or meeting people thus making them go out and associate less towards the society. This situation would eventually lead into fear or phobia.

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How to Cope With the Impostor Phenomenon

The existence of a psychological state of mind called the “impostor phenomenon” has been discovered by psychologists. Learn how to cope with it.

I Hate My Face

Plastic surgery can make Oluchi look differently; it can’t make her feel differently. What she needs, like you and I is a mental surgery – the awareness of who we really are, and the acceptance of our individuality.

How to Feel Loving and Capable

How a class of 9 year olds learned and taught self esteem skills. Being loving and feeling capable are key to living a life worth having. Here’s some how tos for young and old.

Is Your Self-Confidence Really As Low As You Think?

If you ask any coach what is the one issue their clients have in common, it would be a lack of self-esteem and confidence. Sometimes it is obvious, other times people train themselves to hide it well but at some level almost everyone experiences the self-doubt which can be so de-motivating. If you are one of those people, read further, things might not be as bad as they seem.

How to Reinvent Yourself – 5 Tips to Improve Self Esteem

Our lives are affected by the media and what we learn creates the decisions we will make. We sometimes collect a combination of the individuals and experiences in life that will create our life to be like our past. That is why our appearance and weight management always seems to suffer when times get tough. Instead of taking control of our situations, we conform to the people around us and let the media influence our self esteem. If we don’t like the way we look, and only see the perfection in the world around us, we will only sabotage our success.

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Find How Wonderful You Are

You are wonderful people; each and every one of you has many talents. You have achieved much in your lives. You are dear people. All you have to do is acknowledge it, believe in it and cultivate it.

Signs of Low Self Esteem

In many cases low self-esteem cannot be detected easily because it is masked by a behavior that would make think of a strong character. However, many people suffer from low self-esteem, either they know it or otherwise they do not, they just suffer. And often they are not aware that this suffering could be avoided with a little help.

Low Self Esteem – Understanding The Problem

Your low self esteem may be due to your self image. How do you see yourself? Do you think you are a good, reliable, fun-loving honest person? While looking in a mirror do you feel “Yes I Look and Feel Great” or do you say “I Hate My…” whatever feature of your body.

5 Ways to Instantly Add More Self-Value

Confident and passionate women know their self-worth. They have daily practices in place that support their inner-value and self-care. They show up for their life because they are committed to living their absolute best and feeling fabulous more than 90% of the time.

Uncovering Effective Ways to Gain Confidence

Confidence can sometimes be very difficult to build up. You need to consider so many things. If you think you are one of those people who feel less of themselves, try reading this article.

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