The Puzzle – Motivational Speech

The Puzzle - Motivational Speech

Build Your Self-Esteem and Live to Your Very Best

You are not alone in reviewing your self-esteem levels. Everyone wants to feel more confident and be in a position to do their best in life. I know the questions you are asking though. You want to know what can you do right now to start building a proper foundation to your confidence to get a true self-esteem to your life.

6 Ways to Get Your Confidence Back

Have you found yourself feeling worthless; incapable of getting tasks done because your confidence is low? Here’s how to build your self-esteem and motivate yourself to take charge of your life.

Why Would You Lie to Boost Your Self-Esteem?

Do you lie to boost you self-esteem? Making yourself look good in front of others is meaningless if you are not being true to yourself. You will just end up living in Never-Never Land.

A Body in Motion

A body image mentor highlights her recent injury and its impact on her exercise regimen, her body, and her overall well being. She discusses how loving her body through the process of healing brings up childlike feelings of fear and frustration and that only through self-love and self-care can she regain her ability to MOVE forward – whatever that may mean down the road.

How to Boost Your Self-Esteem Today

Self-esteem is needed to have successful relationships whilst being happy both at home and a work. There are many tips you could read on how to build your confidence and take control of your life. Right now I am going to share a few ways with you that will make an instant impact.

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Self Confidence – Who Were You on Your Sixth Grade Graduation?

I was attending my daughter’s Sixth grade graduation a few days ago. The children walked down a long aisle centered between a sea of people. As I watched these beautiful children walking down that aisle, I witnessed a remarkable thing.

The Power of Intimidation on Your Self Confidence

Like most of the human race I get many of my inspirations whilst taking a shower. This morning I remembered an experience I had when I was just a young sales engineer trying to make a name for myself in the corporate world. I have rushed through my morning ablutions so that I could write it all down whilst it is still fresh in my head.

Build Self Confidence and Be a Success

So you want to build self confidence? Maybe you’re worried about failure? Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Are you ready for failure, or success?

No Child Left Behind?

In the realm of education, how important is emotional education? How much freedom do teachers have today in influencing their students self esteem and self acceptance? Do we even realize that “teaching to the test” – while admirable in many ways – results in students’ emotional education being largely ignored?

Commit Or Die

The midlife transition for both men and women is no joke: it’s a spiritual watershed point. What will you do when it happens to you?

The Aging of Your Self Esteem is Just Part of the Life Cycle

You view on life maybe “I was born, I lived, I died” and whilst that is incredible simple, that mantra would explain why there was no urgency or excitement in your life driving you to achieve more. Don’t think you are the only person in world to have not noticed this trick. I do challenge you to step back and just accept the belief of “life is exciting”.

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Tumultuous Twenties

Early adulthood can be more than you bargained for. Pondering the decisions you need to make about school, your career, romantic relationships, money (to name a few), may be enough to send you in a tailspin. Developing a plan of action for life can empower and help overcome anxiety and depression. This is a time to discover what works in life and what doesn’t.

A True View of Ourselves?

When was the last time you checked if the things you believe about yourself are still actually true? You may be holding yourself back, so is it time for a ‘spring clean’ of the soul?

Taking Charge of Our Experience

It is so easy to stay stuck in negative thinking, especially when we feel we are “right”, or believe we’ve been victimized by a person or by circumstances. The problem with this habit is that whatever we think and feel creates a vibration in us, and we attract whatever we vibrate to. So it stands to reason that if we spend lots of time thinking about what we don’t want, we’ll end up attracting more of it.

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