The Two Arrows: Pain & Suffering

The Two Arrows:  Pain & Suffering

Great Ideas to Help Christian Solopreneurs Stay Confidently Focused

As christian solopreneurs, reaching our potential in life is of the utmost importance. We desire to accomplish our purpose for being here on earth. Unfortunately, some of us lack confidence in our abilities. So when we have a task that demands more from us than we believe we are able to do, we allow ourselves to get distracted, lose focus and start doing things that get us off track.

Increasing Self Confidence and Learning How to Shine

A strong belief in your abilities and a thirst to prove your mettle are sure shot ways to make yourself shine and achieve your goals, no matter how hard or demanding the situation may be. Increasing self confidence is the first step towards success because without the right kind of positive mental attitude, you cannot make your dreams come to reality.

A Coach Will Make You an Olympian In Your Own Life

Olympians all became who they were by having a great coach to get them through their individual blocks. A life coach can make you an Olympian of your life.

Quick Confidence Boosters for Men

Despite our outward bravado, most men are lacking in confidence in at least some situations we encounter. But to maintain outward appearances, we need to be able to switch this round almost at will if we’re not to be perceived as some quivering wimp. Take a look at these easy to use confidence boosters for men and see how fast you can boost your confidence and self esteem.

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Can I Be an Introvert and a Champion Too?

The short answer is, You Bet! Too many people equate introversion with shyness, when in fact introverts are simply people who rely more on inner resources than outer ones, and deeply need a certain amount of solitude in which to re-charge their batteries.

Self Esteem Activities You Can Do Quickly and Easily

Building self esteem involves several things – mindfulness about your life and being self confident. This article covers being mindful so that you stay in the present moment and don’t think negative thoughts about yourself.

Meditation Benefits for Baby Boomers

Meditation has tremendous advantages for virtually every part of life and those who incorporate it into their everyday lifestyles can easily experience those advantages practically once they begin. You don’t need to be a guru at meditation to understand advantages from the first time you are able to try it..

How to Improve Personality in 3 Simple Steps

First of all, make sure that you are clear about what you are trying to achieve. Start by thinking about exactly what you imply by self esteem. Try to think about an individual (it could possibly be a popular individual or somebody recognized to you) who you deem having high self esteem. This will assist you to recognize what you are trying for, and to base your affirmations upon actions that you have noted in a person with high self self-confidence.

How to Build Self Esteem in 10 Easy Steps

Self esteem and self confidence are key to self growth. If you wish to work on your self esteem in a more constructive way, you must keep the following techniques on the best ways to improve self confidence in mind.

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Improve Self-Esteem: 12 Steps to Improve Self Esteem

To achieve an improved self-esteem is extremely important if you want to feel good about yourself and feel comfortable in social situations in which you are surrounded by…

How to Stop Getting Embarrassed Easily

Unless you’re really thick skinned, chances are that you get embarrassed every now and then. But when your embarrassment turns from an occasional incident to a regular feature of your daily life then it’s time to do something about it. Check out these ideas to help you stop getting embarrassed so easily.

Win the Battle, Avoid Negative Thoughts

The battle between negative and positive thoughts. How do you change the negative thoughts to positive ones?

Shame – The Hidden Cause of Addiction and Codependency

Shame is so painful to the psyche that most people will do anything to avoid it. It’s is an intense global feeling of inadequacy, inferiority, or self-loathing.

“Citius, Altius, Fortius” or As They Say in Hip Hop “Go Hard”

The spirit of the Olympics is tantamount to life. I love the commercial that says “Luck does not get you to the Olympic games. You can’t wish your way onto the podium. you can’t buy it or hope for it. It is not enough to dream about. Luck did not get me to London, I swam here.”

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