The Ultimate Body Language Guide – 20 Movements (Hands & Fingers)

The Ultimate Body Language Guide - 20 Movements (Hands & Fingers)

Pursue a New You Through True Self Value

One of the most important questions in personal growth is how does a person develop self-value? So many people are left with scars from their childhood from how little value they have.

Do You Suffer From Low Self Body Image?

So what exactly is body image and what can we do about it? Body image is the way we perceive our own bodies and the way that we assume other people also perceive us. But here’s the truth about body image – it’s not based on fact – it’s based on our perception, our imagination, and our emotions.

How to Build Great Self Esteem

Self Esteem. What is it? Esteem means to like or even love. Self Esteem means to what degree that you like or love yourself in a healthy way. If fact, we can not truly love others if we do not have healthy self esteem.

Making Mistakes is Not the End of the World

Are you hard on yourself when you make a mistake? Does it take you a long time to recover from a setback? If yes, this article is for you. I offer some tips to make sure that you learn to accept mistakes as a part of your learning experiences in life.

How to Improve Your Personality

Do you know why you act the way you do in any given situation, without thinking because it is automatic? Do you understand how your family influences how you act in any given situation?

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Break Away From 3 Limiting Beliefs

There are so many beliefs and patterns that you assimilate in your childhood, either from your education or through a predisposition in your personality. Some of these are positive, and you need not change them. Some others are not only negative, but destructive for your self-esteem and your quality of life, and thus you need to change them urgently.

Character is Priceless

Values and virtues are not hereditary; they are learned. We need to get our priorities right if e are to influence the next generations positively. Money is not the payoff for every kind of work. Parents bring up children with no payback in mind. Many people have lots of Money but they are very poor. Our objective ought to be both to have money and be rich. The most unfortunate part of life is when people want to make money without earning it.

Low Self-Esteem – A Very Common Problem

Low self-esteem is probably the most common problem that people face. Most people deal with low self esteem to some degree, and many suffer from it to a large extent.

Is Courage the Same As Self-Confidence?

Many adolescents have a difficult time to determine the difference between self-confidence and courage. Most adolescents have a difficult time to be both self-confident and courageous. In this article, I will outline how an adolescent can develop both self-confidence and courage.

Moving on After Divorce – Fast Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Going through divorce steals our confidence and self-esteem and leaves us feeling dis-empowered and lacking the courage we need to create a new life for ourselves. Instead of trusting ourselves to make the right decisions we run the risk of basing them on what other people think and fearing failure, remain in our comfort zone to avoid taking risks.

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What is Depressive Disorders?

Almost all individuals will get the blues most of the time. No one may be happy, joy all of the time except if they are on drugs. If you are like most men and women, you have have times specifically where you have felt stressed out.

Settling For Less – Why Do We Do it and How We Can Stop

Adjusting your thought processes and taking stock of why you are not moving in the desired direction is the first step to breaking that pattern. Next is taking action, and last is self-belief. These go hand in hand when creating an action plan that will move your life in a positive direction and can be life-changing in a very short period of time.

How Your Jeans Can Influence Your Self-Esteem

Are you afraid to speak in public? Do you want to learn how to do this without breaking out into a sweat?.When you are in a public speaking class with every speech you give you self-esteem soars. It is hard to believe the quiet softly spoken person you were before your public speaking class was you.

Improve Self Esteem For Yourself and Others (Including Kids)

I’ve been reading up on self esteem in teens and in doing so I realized that so many of us adults deal with the same issues. Why is that? We are adults with great successes and accomplishments in our lives but many still feel the sting of negative self talk and feelings of low self esteem on a regular basis.

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