The Ultimate Body Language Guide – 37 Movements (Legs & Feet) REMASTERED

The Ultimate Body Language Guide - 37 Movements (Legs & Feet) REMASTERED

Sexy in Your Sweatpants

My thighs seem to be larger this month and I found a great way to feel sexy. Wear figure hugging sweatpants and enjoy the shape of my thighs.

Do You Feel Authentic?

Do you ever feel afraid to be as you are? See if actor Patrick Stewart’s story and these comments help you think or feel differently about this.

3 Steps Towards Higher Self-Esteem

There are three different steps that you need to take to raise your self-esteem. First, you need to discover who you are and understand why your self-esteem is as it is at the moment. Secondly, you need to rearrange your life so that it supports you in having a high self-esteem rather than working in the opposite direction to pull your self-esteem down. Thirdly, you need to brainwash yourself to start to think different thoughts about yourself.

The Secret to Having Whatever You Want

Way back in the forties and fifties, a plastic (cosmetic) surgeon by the name of Dr Maxwell Maltz was working on people’s scars or on changing what they thought was their ‘ugly’ parts into something more ‘beautiful’. But while he was doing that, he made a breakthrough discovery in the field of happiness, self-esteem and personal freedom.

Increase Your Money Along With Your Self-Esteem

Yes, you really can improve your financial situation by improving your self-image. By following the advice found in this and other articles on self esteem, you can enjoy not only wealth, but also health and happiness.

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Gaining Confidence and Self Respect

Confidence is everything. If you have self-confidence, you also have high self-esteem and if you have confidence in your ability to learn and to improve it will make an amazing difference to your success.

Beware of Dragons

It seems true that few people assume that the world is doing everything it can to assist them. They tend to think that the world is doing just the opposite and conspiring against them.

How to Use Goals to Boost Your Self Esteem

Having goals will help to boost your self esteem especially when you start to achieve them. Goals will keep you focused, and help you maintain momentum when the sea of life gets rough. I’m sure you’ve heard the commonly used phrase “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

Smart Tips For Boosting Self – Esteem

Do you often find you are lacking self confidence in certain areas of your day-to-day life? How do you try and overcome the problem?

Being Bullied – A Lack of Boundaries and Self-Esteem

Being bullied is as we well know very detrimental to our health, physically, emotionally and mentally. Bullying however is a lack of healthy boundaries that a person has not implemented into their life.

Self-Esteem Quiz

In this brief self-esteem quiz you can broadly evaluate your own self-esteem. You can use the quiz questions to focus on specific areas for your self-improvement.

3 Effective Tips to Boost Self Confidence

All of us have been instructed in our childhood thousands of times by our parents and elders to sit, stand, and walk straight. However, being children we don’t pay much heed to such instructions. It is after we have become mature enough to interact with new people in our life on a daily basis that we realize the importance of these small things that go a long way in affecting our personality.

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How to Look Perfectly Groomed While Raising Your Kids

I realized that I needed to look groomed even while raising my kids. They were not the only factor in the equation. My husband who met me as a well-groomed young woman needed to continue to see me that way. I realized that my husband would always come and hug me when he came home from work if I was well groomed. To say that I was perfectly groomed is stretching it, but I would strive to be well-groomed every day.

Self-Esteem in Japan

Being a Self-esteem Coach in Japan can be extremely challenging. Most Japanese people have never heard the word self-esteem, and those who have heard it believe that it means the same as selfish.

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