These 6 Words Will Make You Stop Procrastinating – Q&A Episode #2

These 6 Words Will Make You Stop Procrastinating - Q&A Episode #2

Self-Acceptance – The Ultimate Seduction – The Ultimate Victory

We are both our greatest friend and worst enemy. We are the creator of most of our joys and the source of most our pains. We are the first to auto-criticize and believe that we are near paragons of virtue. We don’t like to be left in our own company yet secretly believe that we are one of the most interesting person that we know.

Take These Steps to Build Your Self Confidence

How do you eat a buffalo? One bite at a time. How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time. The same goes for building confidence.

Self-Help Strategies For Building Self-Esteem

The strategy and action to resolve for self-help for building self-esteem is for people harboring a feel of low esteem. It becomes essential as these low esteem people feel dejected and depressed very soon.

Building Self Confidence – How to Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Do you ever wonder how and why others succeed in life? Do you want to know what makes successful individuals excel in their chosen endeavors? What drives them to reach for their dreams regardless of the challenges that came their way?

From Shyness to Self Confidence

Shyness is a form of excessive self-focus, it is a total preoccupation with your thoughts, feelings and physical reactions. This is what being self-conscious means and to combat it you need to become less self-conscious and more self-aware by…

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Map Questing Poland Syndrome!

At one point I’m sure being born with a birth defect meant to me that I was, just not right, that I should hide or I thought that other people would not love me. Most of all being born with Poland Syndrome was all about fear and the pressure I put on myself to fit in, find my spot in the world and to hope that someday I would find love.

Confidence – 5 Tips to Show the World a Thing Or Two!

Condidence. An easy word to say but not so easy to gain. Here are 5 simple tips that you can try today to give your confidence a boost and show the world a thing or two.

Low Self Esteem Will Only Lead to Loneliness

When you have low self-esteem you don’t hold much value in your own opinion. This makes it hard for you to maintain or form new relationships as you don’t feel you are bringing anything to the table. You in fact become so unsure in yourself, hiding away seems a safer option to avoid embarrassing yourself.

Self-Acceptance Helps People With Low Self-Esteem

Like many beneficial habits worth acquiring, developing self-acceptance is not always an easy task. It’s necessary to practice and work persistently in order to develop successful self-acceptance skills. A psychological treatment technique known as cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to help people who suffer from low self-esteem.

How to Build Confidence

Here’s my definition of confidence, which leads to how you can build your confidence: “Confidence is knowledge of yourself”. When you have done something well a hundred times you have built knowledge in your ability and therefore you won’t think twice about doing it again. This lack of contemplating how to perform a skill is because you know your ability and are confident.

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I Am Low on Self Confidence

If you are low on self confidence, do not despair. You can become a more confident person with some simple procedures.

Fostering Courage, Strength, and Compassion in Adolescent Girls – The First Step

Positive role models are critical to a child’s development. Girls need adults in their lives who model assertiveness, strength, caring and responsiveness.

Overcoming a Lack of Self Esteem

How to overcome a lack of self esteem. Use this guide to become a more confident person.

It’s Okay to Be Shy

This articles tells you that it is okay to be shy. You are in control of your life and you do what you want to do, not what you think other people think you should do.

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