This is How to Do Things You Don’t Want to Do

This is How to Do Things You Don't Want to Do

Car Camping Creates Casa Bonka Mentality

I recently went on a road trip along the Pacific Coast. I was awed by the majestic Redwoods that stood like proud titans protecting our nation’s sacred lands and wildlife. While driving along the highway with towering trees on either side of the road, CB, my nature-loving spouse, remarked it was like driving through a church.

How to Feel Unique and Not “Wrong”

I often hear of how people who are different are made to feel wrong about themselves. You may feel like you are the wrong size, the wrong colour, the wrong height and so on.

Why You Have Low Self Esteem

You can have low self esteem for many reasons. But usually there is something of a deficit in certain areas of your life that need working on to regain a balance again. Your low self esteem usually stems from childhood and the messages you have been given about yourself from your parents.

Lacking Self Confidence? Discover How Oral Health Can Help Boost it Up!

Want to smile but too shy to open that mouth or want to speak up but worried that people might notice those cavities? Do not worry! Knowing the importance of oral care and how it can boost a person’s confidence will be the stepping stone towards a brighter smile.

Build Self Esteem

If you experience low self esteem it is a reflection of the information that has been allowed to flourish in your mind. As babies we are born fresh and untainted by adult fears and suppositions, these are learnt afterwards given to us by our families and the people surrounding us.

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I Only Eat Filet Mignon (Simply The Best!)

This is a tribute to those who have survived (what I refer to as, “tough steak”) challenges that almost broke out heart into pieces. Some of those situations were imposed on us by those we love, trusted, and depended! Some of those situation caused us to be calloused. In this article, the reader is encouraged to “lay aside the weight” and experience the best life has to offer, symbolized by “filet mignon”, the most tender and expensive cut of beef!

Improve Self-Esteem – In Pursuit of Beauty

We live in a society where appearance is considered to be extremely important. Every aspect of our appearance is monitored by the media; our size, clothes, makeup, exercise regime. Beauty has come to be strictly defined by others and can be tough or even impossible to firstly achieve and then to maintain.

Revitol Cream Helps to Reduce Cellulite on the Legs, Knees, and Other Areas

About 90% of all women have some form of cellulite, and while there is no cure, millions of dollars are spent every year in an attempt to smooth the skin. Commonly found on the thighs, stomach and buttocks, many people refer to cellulite as “cottage cheese” because of how it makes the skin that is affected appear lumpy and uneven, and skin that has cellulite is sometimes compared to the surface or an orange peel. Because of its unsightly appearance, cellulite is an embarrassing problem that most women have to deal with at some point in their lives.

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Overcome Mental Abuse

Do you suffer from mental abuse, be it from a relative, friend, lover or a stranger? Dear friend, I would like to take this opportunity and reveal to you, my lifelong struggle with the same problem. I like you or perhaps someone close to you, know what the emotions are and how over a lifetime, it can evolve into a self-destructing machinery of thought. Please do not take it lightly, even if it is not happening to you, there is a lot that you can do for the person that is being subjected to verbal (mental) or any kind of physical abuse.

Self-Acceptance – Admitting Your Weaknesses Or Boosting Your Strengths?

Self-acceptance stands for a harmony-based emotional state when an individual succeeds in keeping a balance between personal accomplishments and envisaged expectations. Self-acceptance and self-esteem that have been developed wisely, in accordance with reality facts must lead to a good and equilibrated self-image preventing efficiently mental and emotional gaps.

How Glamour Makeovers Boost Confidence and Improve Self Esteem

Changing old habits and improving your self image is not easy. If only there was something you could do that would not make you as nervous as anything, scared to bits and the end result improved your self confidence. Well – here’s what I think the answer is.. Everyone should try it. Have a Glamour Photo Shoot.

Independent Thinking Begins With Healthy Self Esteem

Independent thinking is a powerful life skill. An independent thinker knows how to make wise choices and well thought out decisions and then, has the inner confidence to follow through with the choices and decisions they’ve made.

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What’s in Your Ego Stat? Bump Up Self Image and Raise Your Expectations

Moving outside of your “self-image” causes your “ego stat” to make you feel uncomfortable. Your self-image is sabotaged until you’re “worthiness” returns.

Low Self-Esteem – Tips For Developing Performance Confidence

Having confidence in your performance is a big advantage for getting ahead in life. This article offers some tips on improving your confidence.

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