This is The Secret to Living a Life Without Regret

This is The Secret to Living a Life Without Regret

8 Easy Steps To Overcoming Self Doubt

Is self doubt holding you back from living the life you know you could be? Well, your not alone. Sooner or later we all experience a hit to our self confidence. So welcome to being normal! What really matters when the Self Doubt Blues hits is what will you do with those feelings. Will you sit paralyzed and put your hopes and dreams on hold, or will you take action? Well your here looking for answers so, good choice! Here is my easy 8 step program to get your head back in the game of life.

Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself is the single most important principle in the creation process. If you don’t love yourself, you won’t decide to give yourself the things you think you want, you won’t think you deserve them, and you certainly won’t have the energy to take action to create them. Period.

Judge Everything in Your Environment and You Will Build Self-Confidence

Focusing your attention on external things can help to reduce your self-consciousness. Confident people know where they stand, make decisions and form opinions rapidly. You can build this ability with practise and boost your self-confidence by judging everything in your environment.

8 Ways to Be a Confident Person

It is not easy to gain confidence. It’s often you feel inferior when you want to do something, because you feel that you have a lot of shortcomings compared to other people. But you have to know that every person must be confident to achieve the goals, no matter what shortcomings you have. Confidence is the human paradigm to always be optimistic and believe that, ‘I am special.’ Here are some things you must do to be a confident person.

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Bibliotherapy for Suicidal Teenagers – Is It Beneficial?

Teenage suicides continue to rise in the UK and the US and often young people suffer quietly alone, unable or unwilling to get help from psychiatric services. This article explores the use of self-help books (bibiotherapy) in helping those troubled teenagers before they slip through the net and complete this terrible and irreversible act.

How to Overcome Feelings of Loneliness

There are many of us who are lonely. We may be widowers or divorcees, whatever the case our lives are not being fulfilled. We need someone to talk to, to hear other voices rather than our own,to be able to make a comment when watching TV to another human being,who could be watching with us.

Build Respect and Self-Confidence With a Strong Point of View

When we lack confidence, we often give up on having preferences of our own. We think we’ll get on with people better if we’re easy-going and keep things open-ended. Expressing preferences freely will get you back in touch with what you really think, like, and want. If you want to build your self-confidence, start developing what is called in the acting world a strong point of view.

Using Assertiveness to Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem tend to go hand-in-hand. Guys, if you want to increase your self-confidence, practising being assertive will go a long way. You can do this by learning to say “No”, practising using “I” statements, and letting other people move out of your way. In the process, you’ll create smoother interactions with other people, and generate greater self-respect.

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Hypnosis for Increased Self-Confidence

Most of us have, at one time of another, spotted somebody who appears to have it all. They carry themselves with poise, they seem cheerful and happy, and, most importantly, they appear confident in everything that they do. Why can’t I be like that?

Changing How You Walk To Feel More Confident

Your body language sends signals to other people about how confident you feel inside. But it also sends these signals back to yourself. If you want to build confidence, you can do it by changing the way you walk, which influences positively the way you feel. Two ways to do this are to walk like you own the place, and to walk barefoot as much as possible.

Hope for Survival

Though it is rarely thought of as vital, hope is a necessary ingredient for survival. This article is to alert the world that hope is key to our existence.

How to Put a Spring on Your Self-Esteem

It’s spring! Flowers blossom, trees bloom, landscapes boom with summer colours, animals and insects awaken from hibernation, and we…well, why not make this the time we start to love ourselves more? Here’s how you can put a spring on your self-esteem.

How to Get Over Perfectionism and Gain Self-Confidence

So, how do you avoid being a perfectionist? How do you get away from perfectionism? Self-acceptance is the key to overcoming perfectionism.

Are the New Parameters of Beauty Destroying Women’s Confidence?

Hair extensions, fake lashes, filled pouts, whitened teeth, pumped breasts, stick on nails, Spanxed hips, 6 inch heels… All so we can all look like each other, be accepted and feel good. Only all the paraphernalia, wasted time and money doesn’t seem to be doing the job. Instead, it’s freaking out men and turning more and more women into insecure girls. Are today’s parameters of beauty are destroying women’s confidence?

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