This One Book Helped Me Beat Procrastination & Overcome Mental Resistance

This One Book Helped Me Beat Procrastination & Overcome Mental Resistance

Do You Think You’re Not Good Enough?

We can be our own harshest judge and critic. This can be traced back to labels we were given as children, but we can turn this around by re-writing these labels in a positive way.

Positive Self Talk – Ditch Negative Self Talk And Set Yourself Up For Success

Self talk is the never ending stream of thoughts that run through your head all day long. What are you telling yourself about yourself? Read on to discover why it pays to be your own best friend.

Discover How to Improve Self-Esteem

Are you extremely shy in social situations? Do you get that sinking feeling in your stomach in stressful situations at work or with someone you are attracted to? Are losing your sanity with negative self-talk why you can’t seem to do what you really want to do? Is your appetite nonexistent? Have sleepless nights beating yourself over disappointing results?

Exempt By Contempt: “I’ve Checked With Me And We Both Agree That You’re Inferior”

A standard move: I see your faults. That makes me an authority on fault-seeing. I don’t see my own faults. Therefore I don’t have faults. The more I can see yours, the less faults I have.

The Confident Entrepreneur

This article was written for the typical entrepreneur who desires to increase their own self-confidence in order to be able able to succeed in business. The person who is successful in owning and operating a business for him or herself understands that self-confidence and being a successful business person go hand in hand.

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Build Up Your Self-Esteem, Don’t Allow Others To Put You Down

Feeling lousy about oneself is part and puzzle to some people who have low self-esteem. But if you dwell on negative feelings regularly, then you may be experiencing low self-esteem. Such a person dwells in self-doubt, guilt, anger and embarrassment. A person suffering from low self-esteem criticizes himself and passes comments like..

The Power Of Self Confidence

Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Will Power are simply exterior manifestations of a well balanced and focussed individual. These skills can be learnt easily and quickly but it takes dedication and a desire to succeed. I show you hints and tips on how to better your own self confidence, taking you onto better and bigger things. Dream Big!

Surprise! I Am Conscious in the Womb

You may be as surprised as I was when I first discovered that we are conscious in the womb. Knowing this, you can do a lot to assist the unborn to be healthier and happier. Read fascinating case studies.

The Need To Forgive Yourself

You can’t make progress in personal growth until you learn to forgive yourself. Many of us replay our mistakes over and over, adding more self-criticism every time we do it. It’s easy to turn a minor misstep into a major stumbling block.

Boost Your Confidence – Three Tips To Build Self-Esteem

Self-confidence means feeling good about yourself – having faith in yourself and in your abilities. Benefits include an increased feeling of hope and optimism and more willingness to take chances. This article includes three road-tested tips to get past limiting beliefs and build your self-esteem.

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Assertiveness Training Game from a Rogue Hypnotist

Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Have finally you had enough of being pushed around, ripped off and not being comfortable assering yourself or your rights? Find out how you can learn to become more assertive now!

When You Build Self Confidence – Benefits and Reasons

Many people who set out to build their self confidence do so because they lack much self esteem. They may or may not even know why they lack this self esteem but they do know that if they build up their self confidence they will feel much better about themselves and that they will enjoy fuller and happier lives.

Rehabilitation for Doormats

Can’t say no? Fed up with being everyone’s servant? Feel Unappreciated, taken advantage of? Here’s a program that I created for someone last year. But you have to follow through with it or it cannot help you.

5 Ways to Feel Happier, More Relaxed, and Self Confident

This is an article that discusses 5 ways to feel happier, more relaxed, and self confident.

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