This Question Will Make Your Problems More Interesting

This Question Will Make Your Problems More Interesting

Feeling Shame – Understanding and Handling Shame Better

Shame is a very unpleasant human emotional experience and one that we typically try very hard, sometimes too hard, to avoid. Remembering that shame is intended by nature to be useful and that its physical manifestations are necessarily brief may help a shame prone person to recover more quickly and remain bravely engaged with the world.

Five Virtues on How to Overcome a Sense of Low Self Esteem

Whether it is through works of life or just life in general at certain times we find ourselves feeling a sense of low esteem. We look unto others and wish we could be more confident, have direction and hold our heads up high. During this period we wish we had some answers to shed light to our situation.

Do Your No’s Establish Healthy Boundaries?

Do you have a difficult time saying ‘no’? Do you feel guilty or shame-filled when you say ‘no’? If you do, this article will show how your words can mark important boundaries for you. And setting boundaries is the most important thing that you can do to assert yourself.

Improving Self Confidence For Interviews

Interviews can be a nerve wracking time with potentially a lot riding on them. Having the confidence to answer questions properly and to come across well is vital if you are going to get the job. This article will show you how you can have that confidence and succeed in getting the job you want.

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How to Achieve Self Confidence?

Self-confidence is a very essential ingredient for success in any field of life. Without such confidence we are afraid to take risks; we also do not have the courage to explore higher horizons while performing our deeds within this world.

3 Tips For Increasing Self-Esteem

Do you have low self-esteem? Are you nervous to be in big groups of people because you are afraid of what everyone will think of you?

How to Transform Shame – Ending the Vicious Cycle of Guilt and Worthlessness

Shame is an insidious emotional state that causes feelings of guilt and worthlessness. It effects every interpersonal relationship and permeates every aspect of a person’s life.

Think and Grow Rich on Self Esteem

How does the book “Think and Grow Rich” help us to develop our self-esteem? One thing we must understand is that we are creatures that have a large range of emotions. Emotions are one of the major ingredients that influence our lives; these feelings are the critical piece of the puzzle that causes us to do what we do.

Exploring the Self in Self Image

When we talk about things like self image, what or who is this self that has this image? Is this self really us?

The S&M Experience

Do you remember the first time you heard the “S” (Sir) word or the “M” (Ma’am) word when someone was addressing you? In the time line of maturity this event stands stark in many people’s memories.

Being Too Nice – Self Sacrifice Can Become a Problematic Way of Living
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Always caring for others without regard to one’s own needs can become a psychological burden and problem in day-to-day living. Accepting that you are yourself also entitled to care is a special moral challenge for the individual who is inclined to be self-sacrificing out of fear of abandonment or fear of criticism. Carol Gilligan’s theory of moral development,”The Ethics of Care “, addresses the mental equation “caring person = good person'” by making us responsible for to dealing ourselves back in to the circle of care.

Dare to Take Control of Your Life by Raising Your Self-Esteem

According to me, being in control of your life means knowing exactly what you want and making sure that you get it. If you are in control of your life YOU decide what happens. You don’t just let yourself be pushed by other forces outside of yourself. If you are not in control of your life now you can take control by first raising your self-esteem.

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Many people are afraid of public speaking. Can be related to your general self-esteem level, but it does not have to be. Even the most confident people with high self-esteems can feel fear specifically for public speaking. The good news is that it can quite easily be overcome.

Benefits of Self-Esteem Group Coaching

Raising your self-esteem in a group with other people have many benefits. I’m going to give you a list of six different benefits that group coaching has over personal self-esteem coaching.

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