Thought Record Tips and Troubleshooting

Thought Record Tips and Troubleshooting

The Last Great Confidence Secret

The one thing they never tell you about becoming confident is revealed here. Discover here what few people know about becoming confident.

Lifelong Confidence – Guaranteed

Do you long for a lifelong confidence? If you do I can show you how to get it, starting today, and keep it forever. Find out how it’s possible, why it’s not easy, but how it’s not as hard to achieve as you’d imagine.

Change The World – Create A Confidence Legacy Today

You can really boost your confidence by leaving a confidence legacy when you die. In this article I’ll show you the benefits you’ll get by deciding to leave a confidence legacy and I’ll show you how you make this happen. After reading this article you’ll be able to start today in building your confidence legacy.

How To Be As Confident As A Genius

Do you want to know how to think like a genius in relation to your confidence? This article shows how anyone, including you, can do this? You should be thinking like a confident genius within minutes of reading this article.

How to Control Your Habits

Alarm clock rings in the morning, it’s time to get fit. Allan gets up hurriedly, gets dressed up ready for his workouts. He’s been doing this for three years now.

On the Paradox of Finding Comfort in Low Confidence

Confidence can be scary. Well, actually, it’s not confidence in itself that’s scary. However, if one has low confidence, the IDEA of it can be frightening.

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Depression Is NOT “Laziness,” It’s Your Ignorance and Arrogance That’s Lazy

Depression in its worst forms can be one of the most debilitating non-lethal illnesses ever known to mankind. If you call that “lazy”, you’re a moron.

Okay, So You Messed Up – Now What?

If you messed up something, what do you do? This one question — or, rather, the answer — tells us frighteningly much about ourselves.

Are You Humble or Vain?

Are you humble or vain? And is it really only one or the other? Of course not. Sadly, though, many of us are raised into believing so. What do you believe?

Total Confidence – Myth or Reality

So you want to be totally confident do you? You want to be 100% confident 100% of the time? This is a great aim, but my question to you is:- Is Total Confidence a myth or reality? If you want to know the answer to this key question – the answer is contained in the article.

How Forgiveness and Empathy Might Harm You

Anyone who has low confidence and self-esteem will know that a lot of one’s energy goes towards forgiveness and empathy. Towards worrying about what others think of you. When we do this, we give others the opportunity to walk all over us.

Confidence, The Only Thing I Had Over Everyone Else

Discover why confidence is the only edge you need to make something out of yourself. A personal story in regards to gaining the upper hand in life through sheer confidence alone.

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Two Major Mistakes You Should Stop Making Right Now

“Why can’t I just figure stuff out like everyone else?” “Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to take control of my life yet?” “How did everyone else learn know how to handle all these challenges?

Failure Is an Alpha’s Best Friend

We tend to avoid failure and making mistakes at all costs, even at the greatest cost of all, which is not attempting anything in the first place because we are afraid to fail. Why are we afraid to fail, though? Is it truly because we don’t want to feel like failures, or is it because we don’t want others to see us as failures?

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