To Boost Your Productivity, Embrace the ‘Hard Stop’

To Boost Your Productivity, Embrace the ‘Hard Stop’

Overcome Shyness and Nerves in Social Situations

Mark Twain said “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” This doesn’t help anyone lacking in self-confidence and whose mouth goes dry when attempting to make even the most basic conversation in social situations. If you are one of these people, you are certainly not on your own.

How To Be Less Shy In 5 Steps!

How to overcome shyness is a common problem. You are not alone. I suffered from shyness and I know it can be quite painful. How to be less shy consists of the 5 easy steps to crush your shyness!

This Could Change How You Feel About Your Self-Esteem Issue

Are you a member of the Low Self-Esteem and Self-Worth Club? What you’re about to read may inspire you to cancel your membership.

Steps to Take to Rid Yourself of the Disease to Please

Do you see yourself always aiming to please, looking after everyone else but yourself? When I was growing up I was one of those people who always worried about what others thought and was the typical people pleaser putting others before me.

Does Outside Ambient Temperature Effect The Human Brain’s Choices of Dream Types?

A few weeks ago, there was a very interesting research report on sleep by a major University neuroscience department. It was interesting because it indicated that people who are too hot when they sleep don’t tend to sleep as well, and therefore are more likely to go without the sleep they need. As you know sleep is very important to keep you in a positive state of mind, and for your immune system.

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What Is Image?

Image is an expression of an object, be it a human being or a legal entity. Self-image is an expression of oneself, via the window of one’s soul (eyes), posture, gesture, voice, etiquette, manner, style, fashion, hair, makeup, and smell. Other expressions of expression like fine art are by-products of human beings. All such expressions arise from the origin of the human being, and the origin is our “soul.”

Ways to Use Affirmations to Help Eliminate Negative Self Talk

Self talk is that nagging voice that you probably hear far too often. We talk to ourselves in ways that we’d never allow someone else to talk to us. Often our self talk is nagging and critical. And the trouble is that we often believe what we’re telling ourselves. Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with this and affirmations for self talk are an excellent start.

Low Self-Esteem – How to Help Yourself

Low self esteem effects many people today. This article allow you to look at the symptoms and suggests practical steps the reader can take to improve the way that they are feeling.

Positive Thinking Brings Forth High Self-Esteem

Love, Joy, Peace, happiness, success, health and wealth all comes from positive thinking and high self-esteem. Believing that every outcome will be successful is how millionaires are born. Visualizing in your own subconscious mind the end result will help bring success to your life.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem And Ways To Achieve This

Do you think you have low self esteem, and if you do, do you know what it actually means? Low self esteem can be very debilitating, causing you to clam up when talking, shy away from groups, and, quite frankly, having a very low self worth.

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How Low Can You Go – Part 3

Self-esteem. Emotional eating. They’re connected with a thick metal chain, at least in my case.

Bad Thoughts and You

Have you been feeling bad about yourself? What’s giving you a case of self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence? We all want to be better than we currently are. This leads us to see ourselves for what we aren’t–like when we look at a current photo of ourselves we want to tear up but others think is a great picture. This isn’t a bad thing–if we use it to nudge us forward. Learn why you should look within yourself to discover the truth about how others feel inside, instead of comparing how you feel inside to how others appear on the outside.

Learning When to Say “I’m Sorry” Improves Self-Esteem

Some of us could greatly improve our self-esteem simply by learning to say ‘I’m sorry’. For others, ironically, that change will come from learning to say it a little less.

Dynamic Ways on How to Raise Self Esteem

Self esteem is vitally important as it effects how you think and act. Having a low self esteem means that you look at life in a very negative way, and effects your potential to achieve the goals you most desire. Take control of your destiny and discover the formula on how to raise your self esteem.

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